Peters Twp. Middle School Library

January 2016 Happenings

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Monthly Library Use

Classes held in the library: 57

Students visiting the library during study lab: 667

Library database searches performed: 1372

Books checked out: 464

AR tests taken: 530


Books Given by PTA Area Council in Honor of the School Board

Our PTA Area Council generously gives each of the district's school libraries $100 annually to purchase books in honor of the PTSD School Board during School Board Appreciation Month in January. This year, the PTMS Library was able to purchase books that would supplement our chemistry section. Our seventh graders use the chemistry books each year to complete research in their science class. They, in turn, use this research to create a model of the element they researched. These models are displayed in the library. They are great decorations for our shelves and terrific learning opportunities for our students!

This is just one of the great ways our PTA supports us.

Highlighted Library Lesson - Primary Sources with 7th Grade Social Studies

Most of our 7th grade social studies classes came to the library in January to learn about primary sources. A primary source can come in many forms, but must have been created by someone that was an eyewitness to or a participant in the event being studied.

The students explored and analyzed several primary sources in the form of Revolutionary War songs. They worked in groups to interpret the meaning behind the lyrics using textual clues, and to evaluate the melody by listening to a sound recording. Once the students completed their analysis of the songs, they worked together to create their own Revolutionary War song by creating lyrics and putting them to the tune of current popular music.

This lesson allowed the students to interact with history in a new and fun way.

*See our students in action in the pictures below.

2016 Newbery, Caldecott Awards Honor Best Children's Books

Click here to see the book award winners for 2016!

There are some awesome book selections that won awards this year! This is a great list of books if you or your child is looking for a new and exciting read.

Upcoming February Dates to Know:

2/2 - Family Night - Why not read a book together?! Or visit the Peters Township Public Library!

2/2 - Ms. Brown's (8th Grade) AR Due Date!

2/3 - Ms. McCue's AR Due Date!

2/4 - Ms. Mitchell's AR Due Date!

2/8-2/19 - Super fun event in the PTMS Library - more about this in the February Newsletter.

2/19 - 7th Grade AR Due Date!

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PTMS Library Media Center

Mrs. Katie Stouden, Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Sharon Pampena, Library Secretary