Staff Library Lowdown

Fall 2014

Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers

I would like to call this Kathy's Technology Tips for Teachers but there are two reason's I can't.

1. My name doesn't start with a T like hers does and

2. These are not my tips they are Tammy Worcester Tang's tips, so always give her credit if you use it or share it.

Some GREAT stuff to share

Monday October 13th I attended and presented at Library Expo in Plano. It is a day long conference for librarians in North Texas. They keynote speaker was Tammy!!! I had heard of her but never actually heard her in person. She was amazing. I have to say a lot of speakers show us great things but they don't really send you home with practical applications. She has a GREAT website with all of her information on it and she shares it all. It is filled with great ideas and I have pulled out some of the great things she showed us. Please enjoy.
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Google Lessons

I'm going to link each of her lessons below.

The Class Notebook/Journal template I shared with you came from her.

Want to give a self checking quiz, check out her templates for these.

How about a lesson where your class can have a Twitter conversation about a lesson.

How fun would it be for 2 characters in a book or even 2 characters from a different time period have a conversation via text message. This isn't a Google lesson but fits right in with the twitter conversation.

Want to make Flashcards using a Google Spreadsheet? Try this.

Have you ever heard of BatchGeo? You can create a map with information you collected from a Google Form, like where did a person grow up or where was your famous person born. Check out this activity. It seems harder than it is, I promise.

Want to do an oral question game and have the kids answer, then use the Wiz Quiz Template.

Want your kids to be detectives? Use this ABC Detective Agency Template for them to answer questions with all the letters of the Alphabet. We did this as a group of 100 people it was really fun!

Student Technology Activities

How many of us have had our kids write a report about a place? Never again, instead have them Google Presentation and make a Post Card telling us what they say.

Who Am I? What Am I? Where Am I? Such a simple activity that can be used in every content area. Gosh why didn't I think of this. I did it with circles in a book like guess the animal but never thought to do it with technology.


Writing a paper or report is so easy with Google all the kids do is copy and paste. How about changing it up and making them write an Acrostic on their topic. They can't copy that straight from the web.

Speaking of research and reports, I can't wait to show y'all in 10 minutes or less how you can have a professional paper written, with pictures, quotes and cited, all without ever reading a word or learning anything. Does that sound like things we want our kids doing? Well NO but guess what they can do it. In order to correct this we need to think of the way the assignment is given and what we are asking for. Boy times have changed.

Don't assign a report on a famous person have them do this instead. An ABC Biography.

With older students they even made the biography be written in chronological order of the person's life. That seems hard. They all got one cheat and most kids picked the letter X.

Now that your brain is on overload......

Spend some time looking at her entire web-site because I only touched the surface of what she has to offer. If you ever attend any conference where she is speaking I highly suggest you go and see her. I hope you can use some of her great ideas and always feel free to contact her and say thanks! Click here to email her anytime. You can also sign up for her mailing list on her site.