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University of Notre Dame

My Personal Profile

Madison Davies

About Me

On the 9th of January 2015 I became 18 years of age. I was born and have lived in Perth, Western Australia my entire life. I am the middle sibling of three children and I have two brothers. My life has always been family-oriented and the influence from my immediate and distance relatives has inspired and shaped me to become the person I am today.

My Degree

I began my studies at the University of Notre Dame to become an Early Childhood Educator in late February of 2015. Thus far I have completed all lectures and tutorials/workshops for semester one and am currently studying for my mid-year examinations.

Academic Interests

After completing my degree, it will mean that I am qualified to teach children from ages 0 to 8. Although I would love to be able to teach children anywhere between this age gap, I would particularly love to specialise in educating students that have commenced foundation year up until year two.

Education & Schooling

I attended Mercedes College from 2010 to 2014. Throughout my education at the college I earned three TAFE certificates including certificate I in Hospitality and certificates I and II in Business. My High School encouraged my peers and I to always be compassionate and hold strong Mercy Values and taught us to have such values in our lives through the Mercy Service Learning program carried out through year 7 up until year 11. I graduated from the college in 2014 with my WACE Certificate that I earned from studying and successfully completing multiple WACE subjects in years 11 and 12.

Personal Interests

I have recently begun attending weekly yoga sessions, yoga not only helps me with physical well-being but also mental well-being. My yoga instructor teaches our class how to become a calmer person and how to handle stress in our everyday lives and I strongly believe that yoga has been extremely helpful to me in maintaining a healthy general well-being. I can see myself practising yoga throughout my studies to become an early childhood educator and also throughout my future teaching career.

Co-Curricular Involvement

In 2014, my last year of High School I was part of a select few of my peers chosen to attend the 'Christendom tour' where I along with other students from my school went on an unforgettable trip around Europe to visit historical religious sites that have had a heavy influence on the Christian teachings and Christian way of life. My experience with this trip had a strong influence on why I decided that Notre Dame University would be the best university for me to attend. I believe this experience will help me to put more enthusiasm and personal experience into religious education lessons that I teach my future students thus helping them feel more engaged and intrigued within the subject.

Career Goals & Aspirations

I aim to successfully complete my degree and at completion I want to feel ready, eager and prepared for what my career as an Early Childhood Educator has in store for me. I hope to inspire and become a role model for all my future students and I hope that I am able to deliver them the best education possible. I am excited to learn and grow throughout the entirety of my degree as I also watch my future students learn and grow alike.

Contact Details

Mobile: 04 241 161 190