Bella Italia (Beautiful Italy)


Europe is Italy's continent. Italy is in the southern part of Europe. It extends into the Mediterranean Sea. Italy's boundaries are France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.


The weather varies from high 40's in the winter to 70's in the summer. October has the most rain.
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Climate Type

Italy's climate is predominantly Mediterranean. It is Alpine in the far north and dry in the south.

Physical Features

The Alps form its northern boundary. Several islands are part of Italy. The largest island is Sicily. It is a long peninsula. Most people would say it is shaped like a boot.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans."


The official language is Italian. 93% are native Italian speakers. There are also small clusters of German-French, Slovene-Italians, and Albanian-Italians, and Greek-Italians.


Shorts are unacceptable in public. When going to church you must cover your shoulders, knees, and midriff. You shouldn't eat with your hands. Not even when eating fruits. Also, it is considered rude to leave the dinner table while people are eating or talking.


Do not turn right o a red light. It is forbidden in Italy. Do not dresss inappropriately to church. What may be accepted here probably isn't there. Talking about the mafia is a taboo. Don't joke about it, or whisper to a friend saying you think someone is in it. Never speak of it. Don't talk about the church or even politics.


"Truzzi" and "Coatti" are subcultures that are defined as beinng addicted to the disco and the music of that era. Emo is another subculture much like The United States. They are defined as people with lots of piercings, dark clothing, and are full of contradiction.

Evidence of Culture Change

There has been a high increase in same-sex couples, single-parent coupes, childless couples, and single-person householdss. The idea of family and being very close like most Italians are with their families isn't as important. There are more divorces, less marriages, and a reduced birth rate.
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