Technology at LV

by: Emma Krueger

Typing Web

  • Each time we came to technology we started class with five minutes of typing.
  • I like how the website Typing Web has sections and each section gets harder and harder.
  • You have the whole semester to finish the Intermediate course.


  • I really liked this unit because you got to make a trailer about yourself and family.
  • It's fun because you get to look back at pictures from yourself when you were little.
  • You get to change from the computer to your iPad to do this unit.

Haiku Deck

  • You have the chance to see what you really want to become in life.
  • What you have to do is make a presentation on you dream job.
  • Everybody has to present in front of the class.
  • It's cool to see what everybody else has as a dream job.

Explain Everything

  • What you have to do is solve a math problem and record yourself explaining how to do it.
  • You also have to create a picture to explain your math problem.
  • For your problem you have to have at least two slides one for your question and next slide to solve.
  • I think this was a really easy project if you new how to use Explain Everything.

Career Locker

  • Mrs. VandenBoogaard teaches this class for five periods.
  • You really get a chance to see what you want to do when you grow up and which college you want to go to.
  • It's fun to see what your tests come out as in Career Locker because sometimes you take a little test.


  • To get a three in coding you have to be at stages six and seven.
  • You have to complete mazes, draw snowman's, you can even do Flappy Bird.
  • It gets harder as you go on and complete more levels.