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How Thunderstorms Are Created

Thunderstorms are created by lifting of warm, moist air in an unstable atmosphere.

The action of warm air rising and cold air sinking (convection) plays a key role in the formation of severe thunderstorms. If the warm surface air is forced to rise, it will continue to rise, because it is less dense than the surrounding air. In addition, it will transfer heat from the land surface to upper levels of the atmosphere through the process of convection.

How Thunderstorms Hurt Us

The lightning they create can result in death and injury and create forest fires.

Dangers that can occur during/because of thunderstorms can include lightning, hail, heavy rain, flooding, strong winds. Associated with downbursts, microbursts and tornadoes.

Fun Fact:

During every minute of every day, roughly 1,800 thunderstorms are creating lightning somewhere on Earth. Though the chances of being struck by lightning are estimated at 1 in 700,000, these huge electrical sparks are one of the leading causes of weather-related deaths in the USA each year with an average of 73 people killed; about 300 usually are injured by lighting.


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Thunderstorms Song

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Man Gets Hit By Lightning - CAUTION - After Effects

What Not To Do During A Thunderstorm

1. Pick up a remote and play with it.

2. Climb up a tree with a golf club.

3. Take a shower(even if theirs a tick on you after hiking).

4. Swim outside in a body of water or pool(lightning can strike the water, then you)

5.Do not use a phone or a computer during a thunderstorm.

6. Do not take a shower or wash dishes.

Lightning can strike the plumbing or electrical wires that connect to your house and give you an electrical shock if you use these items. The same with metal objects.

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Well To Some It All Up.....

Despite their small size, all thunderstorms are dangerous. Every thunderstorm produces lightning, which kills more people each year than tornadoes. It is estimated that there are around 1,800 thunderstorms that occur across our planet every day. The best place to go during a thunderstorm is a sturdy building or a car, but make sure the windows in the car are shut.