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Fire Up YOUR Fall, September 2014

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4th Annual 12 Days of Stella & Dot! Top Incentive EVER!

Are you ready for your best fall EVER? Join us for our best team incentive EVER....

Join us on the 12 Days of Stella & Dot facebook page!

Book 12 trunk shows for the Fall/Holiday season to be held between September 12th and December 12th (those already on the books count!). It's like picking up $4,000+/-! It would be irresponsible not to participate.

If you have 12 by the 12th, your name will be entered into a drawing for a $1200 shopping spree! And for the first time ever we are giving away TWO $1200 SHOPPING SPREES!!!!

Can you do it? Of course you can!! Here are a few tips to get you started...

  • Get your calendar out and mark all of the dates you are available for trunk shows this fall and start reaching out to all of those that said no to a summer show because they wanted to wait until fall. Say "I just started working on my fall calendar and you were one of the first to say you wanted a fall show, so I thought I would let you be one of the first to pick a date!" Give her a couple of options to start with.
  • Reach out to all that cancelled or postponed in the summer. Tell them you think it actually worked out better that way because they are going to love this new collection even more!
  • Warm up your “who do you know” list using recent press and current Specials!
  • Hold your own booking blitz to follow up!

Are you getting no’s yet? That’s ok…don’t take this too seriously and celebrate them!

10 no’s, go get yourself a Latte

20 no’s, go for a pedicure!

40 no’s, you need a massage!

  • Expand your network by hitting the streets! Go out wearing your statement jewelry and prepare yourself with your 30 second commercial if someone compliments you. Hand them a mini-lookbook and offer to mail them the full lookbook. This way you will have contact information to follow up! Want to get an email address? Ask them for it and tell them you will add them to your list for sales and specials and then FOLLOW UP TO BOOK!

Book 12 and the rewards will follow with $3,000-$5,000 in added income, new bookings at the shows, potential stylists, glam rewards and more!

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Happy ASTSTLST September!

What an exciting month this will be with a new comp plan and an added pay level that is obtainable for all of our stylists. "I am an associate stylist!" Who will be saying this at the end of this month? Whether you signed up today or you've decided that today's your start date, everyone can do this...and how fun will it be to be an Associate Stylist (ASCATSTLST) in the FIRST pay month it's ever been available to achieve?!?!

Here are the requirements for our new career level of Associate Stylist:
~ You sell a minimum of $1200 retail
~ You have one qualified leg, where one stylist sells a minimum of $500
~ Together, you and your team sell $3000

Want the support to get to Associate Stylist? We are launching a RACE 4 Associate Stylist for our team and we have a pacing group to help you achieve your goals. How do you gain access? Commit to a weekly 15 minute pacing call with your upline and/or director. Your commitment to work together for 4 weeks will give you exclusive access to this group that has added help and fun rewards. We even have prizes for you to grab when you reach your goal.

Message me and we'll all work together to make this happen!

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Earn a Numbered Engravable!

Your leadership team wants to recognize and celebrate you for becoming one of the first 50 Associate Stylists on our team. Let's work together to help you and your growing team earn this coveted spot in our new, enhanced comp plan.
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Upcoming Events

Go from stuck to unstuck in one event! It's the time of year that you will benefit greatly from loving all over your business. Join us at one or more event to help you fire up your Fall local events across the Country? EVENTS

Tuesday, Sept 9th- Ashburn Fire Up Your Fall event. More details and REGISTER.

Friday, Sept 19th- New York City Design Studio Tour. We have space for 1 or 2 more stylist. Message me if you would be interested in joining us.
New Stylist Welcome Letter

Meet our team and learn our top tips for launching your business.

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Fire up your Fall!

Samantha Tunador
Director for Stellar Charms