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Welcome to the February newsletter!
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Marshall Spelling Bee

On Friday, January 31, Marshall School had a "preliminary Spelling Bee" in which over 80 students in 1st and 2nd grades participated. Eight students moved on to the official Marshall Spelling Bee held on Monday, February 3rd. The competition was fierce and all students were great spellers! Six students emerged as finalists: Molly V., Liesel L., Naser A., Sofia R., Maheen O., and James R. Two students were left standing and will move on to the local spelling bee: Simon L. and Casey R. We are so proud of all participants and can't wait to cheer on the Marshall students who will represent us at the local spelling bee!

Character Trait Assembly - PATIENCE

On Wednesday, February 5th, we held our monthly character trait assembly. This month's focus was PATIENCE. After revisiting our January trait (UNSELFISH) we discussed what patience means: "I can wait until later for what I want now." We explored various scenarios where one must exhibit patience such as waiting for one's turn when playing a game with a friend(s), listening to others while waiting for a chance to speak, and waiting when a grown up tells us we can't have a cookie or other treat right away. Also, we talked about being patient with ourselves when we are learning something new. We may not learn it right away, but with practice and patience, we can succeed! The assembly ended with the Patience Rap that you can view here: Mrs. Horn and Mrs. Swyberius then read the Principal's Book of the Month in classrooms, My Mouth is a Volcano, written by Julia Cook and illustrated by Carrie Hartman (see cover below). It is about a little boy named Louis who likes to talk and feels that everything he has to say is important enough to say right away...even when other people are talking. He claims that his mouth becomes a volcano and that he erupts! By the end of the story, Louis learns how his "eruptions" impact others and how to control his "volcano". We hope that our focus on patience has helped the children demonstrate this character trait at home!
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MLK Day of Service

In January, we began our food donation/collection for our 2nd annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Project. On Friday, February 7th, Marshall students spent the day sorting, planning, organizing, and ultimately, packing backpacks filled with food for needy families. This activity also supported our January character trait of the month (unselfish). In all, 530 backpacks were filled and donated to Toni's Kitchen in Montclair - one from every Marshall student. Mrs. Swyberius and Mrs. Cecere worked together on this project and we are grateful to them and to all of the parents and other adults who supported us by donating food and/or money. Many thanks to the parents who volunteered their time on the actual day of the project and assisted students. Please watch the video below of our MLK Jr. Day of Service by clicking the link. Also below, you will see our completed "quilt" on display in the hall where students expressed their thoughts and feelings about the powerful words in Dr. King's "I Have a Dream Speech." Thank you to Mrs. Cuadrado and Mrs. Toledo for finalizing this project.
Our completed "quilt" on display in the Marshall hall

African Dance Residency

On February 10th and 18th, Marshall students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an African dance class. Dancers and drummers from Fela! personally worked with students. We are so grateful to Mrs. Allsopp who arranged for this and all cultural experiences for our students!

100th Day of School

On Tuesday, February 18th, classes throughout the building celebrated the 100th Day of School in a variety of ways. Mrs. Mittiga's first grade class dressed as "centenarians!" Never have we seen so many elderly people in Marshall School!
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Jazz Assembly

A quartet led by Reggie Quinerly visited Marshall on February 19th. They showed their instruments and shared a little history, did demonstrations, and played full tunes. We wish you could have seen students bopping their heads to Duke Ellington's A Train! Some students were selected from the audience to scat and perform other sounds along with the instruments. Our guest performers were amazing and wonderful with our young learners. To learn more about Reggie Quinerly, please visit Many thanks to the PTA for this event!
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Math Night

The PTA sponsored a math curriculum night on Thursday, February 19th and over 100 families attended to learn more about our math program. Children and their parents/caregivers were engaged in math activities throughout the night and had the opportunity to play games and take home materials to enhance math skills at home. Many thanks to the teachers who facilitated: Mrs. Rotondo (Marshall School Math Lead), Miss Colonna, Mrs. Gregory, Mr. Martinez, Miss Waxman, Mr. Wojcio, Mrs. Wyche and Mr. Ziering.

Marshall Ensemble Performance

On February 20th, music teacher Ms. Grutta and ensemble students presented a musical performance based on the book When Winter Comes. Ensemble students learned xylophone and percussion accompaniment to a song Ms. Grutta wrote titled, "Winter's Here," and they also created a dance to go along with it for the program. These talented students also composed their own melodies based on text from the story that they performed on xylophones. At the performance, they put everything together with student readers reading the book! They did an amazing job!

Marshall Read-a-thon Winners

On Friday, February 28th, winners of the Marshall School Read-a-Thon were announced! Classes on each grade level who read the most each week will receive extra recess and the grand prize winning class on each grade level will participate in a silly string assembly. On an individual level, all students will receive bookmarks as a reward for their participation. Students who read the most each week on each grade level will participate in a surprise activity. Grand prize winners (one on each grade level) will receive gift cards to Words. (Pictured below are the individual read-a-thon winners.)

First Grade Black History Writing Project

Students in Mrs. Rotondo/Ms. Waxman's first grade class have been studying the achievements of African Americans. They spent this afternoon selecting and writing about one person who inspires them. From Katherine Johnson, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson and Michelle Obama to Mae Jemison, Serena Williams, and Kobe Bryant...their choices were so diverse! It was clear that the discussions had with their teachers were thorough, as students were very detailed in their writing about why they felt inspired.

Unit Study on the Wild West

Students in Mr. Wojcio's and Ms. Colonna's classes have been studying the Wild West. They discussed the economy (money system), geography, animals in the area, cowboys, transportation, life on the range, the style of dress, the culture, and even law and order (bandits and rustlers). They completed this Wild West unit today with a tour around the building in their homemade stagecoach! Next up for this class...a study on Africa!
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Pomptonian Healthy School Lunch Challenge

In honor of National Nutrition Month, Pomptonian is hosting the 2nd Annual Pomptonian Healthy School Lunch Challenge. Students are being asked to submit healthy recipes. Attached below is a flyer with more details about this competition and a recipe submission form. FYI, the recipe:

  • must include at least one fruit or vegetable
  • must contain lean protein
  • must include whole grains
  • must utilize healthy cooking techniques
  • cannot include peanuts, tree nuts or seafood
  • must include a photo of their work
  • must yield 5 servings (on official recipe form).

There will be two (2) first-place winners selected from all of Pomptonian’s districts. They will each receive a vertical garden for their schools. In addition, Pomptonian’s Chef Greg will prepare their recipes to be featured in their school cafeterias and a banner will be hung in the cafeteria.

There will also be four (4) second-place winners selected. They will have their meals prepared and served in their school cafeterias and they will receive a banner to hang in their schools as well. All recipes and photos must be submitted on the recipe form by March 20th to

Kindergarten Registration

Below you will find information provided by the District about Kindergarten orientation.

March 2020 Dates to Remember

March 2 to 31 - MAPSO Cares Food Drive

March 3 - Recycling Kickoff and Character Education Assembly

March 6 - Read-a-thon Assembly

March 11 - 4 Hr Day/Evening Conferences - Students dismissed at 12:45 PM

March 12 - 4 Hr Day/Evening Conferences - Students dismissed at 12:45 PM

March 13 - 4 Hr Day/Afternoon Conferences - Students dismissed at 12:45 PM

March 16-19 - K Registration for Marshall Elementary School (see above PDF)

March 16 - Broadway Immersion (Wicked) - All 2nd Grade, Olsen, Hart, and Barr

March 17 - Broadway Immersion (Frozen) All 1st Grade, Lincoln, Tinari, and Wojcio

March 19 - Broadway Immersion (Lion King)- All Kindergarten

March 20 - School Spirit Day

March 20 - Camp Marshall, 6:00 PM (PTA event)

March 24 - 4 Hr Day/Staff to Professional Development - Students dismissed at 12:45 PM