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How to book and use all of the great stuff we have at Madoc

Hi everyone and Welcome back!

I put this together as a reference to outline how we use our shared resources at Madoc in a way that is equitable to teachers and students and helps to maintain our supplies and equipment. I hope you will read it and find it helpful! If you ever have any questions please feel free to stop by the Learning Commons and ask.

Learning Commons

The LC is available to be booked through the Room Booking system during periods 5 and 6 daily.

If you haven't used the Room Booking System before just click on the Madoc link on your home page and you'll see the link on the right hand side of the page. There is a "fill in the blank" form there that you can use to book. If you need any help with using it I'm happy to assist. There are 11 classes in the school and 10 periods a week available for booking, so an average of once per week would be an equitable amount.

At this time there are 12 working computers in the LC. Each computer has a set of working headphones in a basket on top of the tower. They are plugged in behind each tower to discourage students from moving them around. At no time should headphones be removed from these computers. If you need headphones in your classroom you can purchase them from Scholastic, the Dollar Store, or check with me. If I have any extras I am happy to share, but it's frustrating to others if they bring kids to the computer area anticipating that there will be headphones and they are gone.

You may wish to consider encouraging your students to bring their own headphones.

Netbook Cart (also known as the Cow Cart)

These are located on the cart outside the Library Office

Netbooks are assigned by grade level. For your convenience I have added them to the Room Booking System. We do ask that you sign up in a way that gives all classrooms equal access. This is the first time we are trying it this way so let me know if you have concerns and we can tweak it.

Netbook notes

Please ensure that you and your students log off the netbooks properly, otherwise they lock and no one else can use them until they have been unlocked with that staff member or students password!

Please also ensure that the netbooks are put away neatly. Student helpers plug them in at the end of each school day

Music Room

The music room can be signed out in periods 1 2 or 3 daily. In periods 4 through 7 it is used for music so is not available to classroom teachers. It is signed out through the Room Booking System, just click on the music room icon that looks like the one below!
Big image

Literacy Room

We have an amazing neat and tidy literacy room for your use. There are sets of leveled books that are labeled using the letter system. If you are more familiar with the number system there is a conversion chart hanging on the metal door for your convenience.

To sign out bags of books find the clothespin with your name on the chart and pin it to the card that matches the book title. When you return the books remove your pin and put it back on the sign with the other clothespins.

Ipads for Teacher use

There is an ipad mini for each teacher to use for assessment and planning. If you have never used an ipad to keep track of your student's achievement feel free to ask any of the staff who have been here a while. We all have different systems that and we're happy to share.

The ipad is signed out through the library system once using the barcode and again through Claudine to allow you to take it out of the building. Ipad minis are returned in June.

If you would like to download free apps you can do so using your own apple id. Paid apps need to be deployed by our tech support person, Zerin. See below for his contact information.

Ipads for Student Use

Ipads are signed out to each classroom. There are barcodes on each ipad and they are to be signed out like a library book. They should be kept in the technology tub provided in a safe place in the classroom. The tub should be locked at night. There are 5-6 ipads per grade level. At each school break (Winter and March Break) I will ask that that each teacher bring the ipads down to the library and resign them out. At no time should student ipads ever leave the building.

Ipads are teacher's responsibility. It's great to assign technology helpers to assist you, but at the end of the day you should check to ensure all ipads are returned to your technology tub. If one is missing Find My Ipad can help you to locate it. This app only works if the ipad is charged and on wifi. If you notice an ipad missing use Find my Ipad immediately, otherwise it won't work. Please notify me as soon as you are aware that one is missing. When you sign them out we will print a screenshot so you have a record of the barcodes of the ipads for which you are responsible.

There are lots of apps on the ipads that are grade level appropriate. If there are apps that you like that you don't see on your ipads please email me and we'll have Zerin purchase them through the volume purchase program and he can deploy them on to the ipads.

Heat Web

Our resource person is Zerin. He comes to the school on Thursdays only. If you have an issue please contact him through the Heat Web link on your MySite.