Performance Information

4th and 5th grades

Thursday, January 14 at 6:00 and 7:00

4th graders will report to their classrooms at 5:45. Performance is at 6:00.

5th graders will report to their classrooms at 6:45. Performance is at 7:00.

Costume Information

See the list below for what era your costume should represent. If your child was assigned a specific role (an historic figure) then you should costume your child accordingly. PLEASE email Mrs. Royal with any questions!

Keep this process as simple as you need to. The pictures below are meant to give you inspiration, not dictate exactly what your child should look like. Be as imaginative and creative as you choose to be. This should be fun for you and your student, not stressful. Most people will be able to make their costume from things you can find at home, but Goodwill is a great place to find clothing that you won't mind altering and people donate like crazy at the end of the year so you should have lots to choose from.

Also remember that tape and hot glue are also your costuming friends!

4th Grades

Rattley - early 1900's

Albrecht - 1920's or 1930's

Harger - WWII or 1950's

Annas - 1950's or 1960's

Gsell - 1960's

5th Grades

Thompson - early 1900's

Locklear - 1920's or1930's

Phillips - WWII or 1950's

Snipes - 1950's or 1960's

Boggess - 1960's