Breakfast Box (on the go)

Cara Mastanduno

A box with variety

My company's goal is to provide a convenient breakfast with a nutritious variety for people that don't have time to sit down and eat breakfast in the mornings. We sent a survey out to people and received positive feedback. About 85% of the people who took our survey replied that they would purchase our product if it was available. Our plan is to start out selling these in our school during the mornings. After we have proof of success, we will contact local grocery stores about our product.


The Breakfast box targets people who have busy mornings and no time to sit down and eat. We have to compete against other companies in the breakfast food industry, such as Kellogg, Quaker Oats, and General Mills. Our advantage is that we can use a range of breakfast foods. Since I am part of my target market, I know exactly what I want and can incorporate that into my product, and make it inexpensive. This is a sole proprietorship, but if I planned to expand, I would only need to hire a couple of people to manufacture and sell these to other companies. My business mentality is work hard, get the job done well, have quality, but also be allowed to have breaks and rest.


Currently, at a small quantity rate, it takes me about $1 to get all of the supplies for the box not including packaging. I have concluded that I will sell the boxes for no more than $3.