Garrett Keele

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I am involved in Cross Country, Tennis, Band I am also heavily involved in my youth group and church.
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I have moved around a lot when I was younger and so I have gone to school in a couple here are all the schools I can remember. Kids Care, East Peoria Elementary, Hutchinson Community School, Morgan Elementary, Prairie Hills and of course BHS. One of my favorite memories at Prairie Hills was that whenever it was time for band class as we were all walking down the hall way I would yell ITS BAND TIME!!!!! I also have no idea where I want to go to college. Maybe MCC maybe HCC, I dunno.
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I live with my mom and dad, two little sisters Savannah who is 6 and Zoe who is 4 I also have a little brother who is 15 and goes to BHS with me. I also have an adopted sister who lives in Salina her name is Emma, she lives there because she is mentally handicapped and they have the recourses to give her a good education.



Contact info.

Mom/Ginger- (620) 960-1492