top 11 evil Warrior Cats

Not all from the same series


Hello everybody! I am Secret Warrior and I am at it again. These are what I think are the 10 nominees for most evil warriors! Please like, comment, and/or follow me! That would appreciated and I would definitely follow you back! so, lets get to it!

1. Scourge

I think he is worthy. His murder counts are off the charts. And his background story fits!

Congrats Scourge!

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2. Brokenstar

He is definitely heartless enough to hold #2. He murdered and trained kits underaged. yep definitely.
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3. Mapleshade

She was really an obvious nominee she has the backstory, murders, heart breaks, heart aches, and Dark Forest.
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4. Snowtuft

He is really good at the evil game. Always seeking vengeance for the scar that is a permanent reminder of harsh life.
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5. tigerstar

his father was a leader. He could have a good path... NOPE. His father decided to become a kittypet and Tigerstar let his anger and need to clean up the rep lead him down the evil path. But Scourge came, and Tigerstar slammed into a dead end.
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6. Thistleclaw

Makes sense. He lost the love of his life, his sister, then he died on the evil path.
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7. Mudclaw

Why not? I mean He is evil. His evil started long before the current books, but it came out when his leader ship was denied to him by Tallstar.
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8. Hawkfrost

It all fits evil father, rogue mother (dead father), Dark Forest alliance, and death brought upon him by his own brother.
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9. Hawkheart

He killed Bluestar's mother, Moonflower, and he was a warrior before a medicine cat. He also in that broke the medicine cat code in that battle against ThunderClan, he didn't attack to defend himself, but out of anger and blood thurst.
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10. tigerheart

I mean, you can say he is evil, but he did defend his brother, Flametail. And he only trained in the dark forest b/c he though it would help his clan.
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11. Bone

Some can say "He is so EVIL why is he at the BOTTOM!?!!" well to all those Bone fans out there you need to realize this: he was taken down by Not fully trained apprentices! His fighting and defense needs some work.
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