My Dreams and Goals

Academic, Family,Career,Social

My Academic Goals

My first Academic goal is to be a really good baker and come up with my own bakery.My Dream is to spend time with my family. Even when i grow up i still want to be around to visit or come see them a lot.My Career is to be able to go to college and go in for baking.My Social skills is to become a good student in school and pass all of my grades like 80s and 90s.

My Dreams and goals.

What should i do in my life for my goals and dreams.

What i want to do in my life for my goals is that i want to improve everything in my life like go to school and pass all of my classes and study hard on test and work on studying at home with my family. I don't think this is hard because when i get out of college i want to go in for baking and open my own bake shop. When i get my own shop I'm going to let my mom help around and help me make the cakes and the cupcakes and stuff. when i'm on the ski team in the school, and after school i have ski practices. When i'm practicing i get better at it. My dream is to be a really good ski racer and win first place and think about that every day and saying to my self i want o be a better skier all of the time. And this is why i want to do in the future.

what i want for my job.

what i want for my job is to be a ski coach so i can teach little kids how to and when they get older they will be better and know a lot. I would love to be a ski coach because maybe in the future i would like to teach little kids all of the time. For them to be a lot better. And this is i want to do for the future for my job.