Role of Women

Nicole Kieres, Amy Kavanagh, Rachael Pepin

Elizabethan Era (1558-1603)

  • had a husband and many children
  • responsibility was to take care of children and home
  • Lower class did not have an education.
  • women did not have a lot of rights.
  • women were always expected to obey men.

Victorian Era (1837-1901)

  • Birthrate and Life expectancy= high
  • married women support family with a low income
  • women take on the job of their husband if their husband dies.
  • women could not attend college until 1948
  • governess if you did not marry

20th Century (1901-2000)

  • more occupations opened to women than previously
  • families and households got smaller and birthrate decreased
  • jobs like police officers, lawyers, vets, and civil servants were available
  • Equal Pay Act- passed in 1970
  • Women's Social and Political Union- passed in 1903
  • 1918- only women over 30 were given the right to vote.

Famous Women