The Hollywood Sign

by Sarah Spencer

The Hollywood Sign

You may know the Hollywood Sign but do you know The Hollywood Land Sign? They're the same thing! The Hollywood Sign has become very well known over 91 years. It has been featured in over 70 movies. The construction of the sign made a long lasting and distance impression that no one in Hollywood could forget.

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The Making of the Sign

The Hollywood Sign became so well known that no one would've expected what it was actually made for. Its purpose was to advertise a housing development in the hills above Chinatown. (Williams, Gregory) Thomas Fisk Goff was the original architect of the Hollywood Sign. (Horowitz, Joy) He was 33 when it was built. The sign was made in 1923. ( Thomas chose that design originally as "Hollywood Land" but once it got recognized they dropped the "land". That is how you know the sign as The Hollywood Sign.

Just the Facts

The Hollywood Sign was built in Los Angeles, California. ( It is such a large sign it can be seen for miles. It was constructed to bring in homeowners for a new housing development. The last time the sign was rennovated was due to rust and grafiti in 2005. The sign is made of large white letters that spell out "H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D". In 1978 funds were difficult to find to rennovate the sign. (Braudy, Leo) Also, in 1928, broadway star, Peg Entwistle leapt to her death from the "H" in "Hollywood". (Lewiston Daily Sun, 1928) The sign is so large that you won't ever forget it.


The Hollywood Sign represents so much to the many moviegoers of Los Angeles. (Williams, Gregory) The Hollywood Sign was an icon for a new housing development. Now it represents the fame of Los Angles and its movie scene. Some neighborhoods close to the sign do not like it being there, saying that the traffiic and sightseers attracted by the sign are a nuesance. (Pool, Bob) It is important to United States history because it has been featured in many films and its a pop culture icon.

Au Revoir!

The Hollywood Sign represents Los Angeles' movie scene because of its great construction and great beginnings. The original Hollywood Land Sign was the start of many memories. Being built at 45 feet tall the sign can be seen from buildings far away. Without the sign we wouldn't have some of the great movies we do today. Now, you can say you know the Hollywood Land Sign.

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