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South Carolina might be the perfect place for you!

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A southern colony originally founded by English noblemen in 1663 with a royal charter granted by King Charles II, South Carolina has lots to offer it’s residents. Located near the southern end of the thirteen colonies, South Carolina offers a warm, humid climate that is perfect for agricultural developments such as the farming of tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grain, fruit and even livestock. These agricultural possibilities are made possible by the enormous amount of slaves put to work within the colony, usually on giant plantations, and provide South Carolina with a booming economy, as the colony has a healthy trade relationship with England. Trade with England is not limited to agriculture, but also includes objects produced on the slave plantations, such as shoes and farm tools.

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Religiously, South Carolina does not affiliate itself with any specific religion, creating a very tolerant space for people with all types of beliefs. Originally governed under proprietary rule (where a council of powerful englishmen elected leaders), South Carolina has more recently been named a royal colony, appointed a royal governor, and identified as a separate colony from that of North Carolina, as the two were previously joined. Key historical events in South Carolina include the attempted religious oppression by the Anglicans, various conflicts with native american tribes, and ongoing conflicts with the Spanish and French who were also trying to acquire land in North America. Important people in the history of South Carolina include Anthony Ashley Cooper, the most involved of the eight men who founded the colony, William Sayle, who established the first permanent Carolinian colony, and John Locke who helped to write the colonial constitution.