By: Becka Ronin

The History

For over 11,000 years Native Americans used most of the land as hunting grounds. There were paleo-indians, next the Arikara people, followed by the Lakato. Their descendants live today in North Dakota as a part of the Three Affiliated Tribes. It is now a National Park that protects the great prairie and all of it's wildlife.


There is a variety of weather ranging from 116 degree's F in the day to -40° F at night. Summers are hot and dry with few storms. Winters are usually cold with snow ranging from 12-24 inches every year.

Activities and Events

  • Drive the Badlands Highway and visit the fossil Prep. lab. You can hike the many trails while enjoying the beautiful sky. Become a Jr. Ranger and complete the GPS adventure for the Badlands. Go camping and search the country.

Fascinating Facts

It contains 244,000 acres of wilderness, including impressive hills and valleys, along with a massive grass prairie.It became a national park in 1978, while trails were marked. The Badlands include lot's of Native wildlife, like the American Bison, the badger, and the Black-tailed prairie dog. It consists of mostly sedimentary rock and the wild prairie.

Association with Native Americans

Native Americans used the grounds as hunting area. For over 11,000 years they hunted on the prairie/rocky range. There were 3 Native American nations, the Lakota, Arikara, and the paleo-indians.