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Interact Club, Relay for Life, and Habitat for Humanity

Interact Club

Fundraiser for people who have extreme needs.Through Rotary and is International.Eagle Point High School provides itDevelopes leadership skills, responsibilities, and creates peace.Established in 1962 in Tanjore, India.Now theres 7, 780 clubs in 107 countries


Helps fight to find a cure for cancer.Founded by Dr. Gordy Klatt in 1986 during a Relay Event in Tacoma Washington, raised $27,000. More than 4 million people par take in the Relay Event.Fundraises outside of Relay Event in teams.

Relay Event

Offers a chance to be able to celebrate life and honors the ones that have fought against cancer, and ones who lost their life to cancer. Have survivors lap, actvities, remembrance, fight back ceremony, and Luminaria ceremony.

Habitat for Humanity

Is a organization that works to fundraise or get the funds to build houses for low income families. Founded in 1986 by Millard and Linda Fuller. It is a hands-up not a hand-out. Basically meaning that the family puts in hours to help build their home and make a 30 year guarunteed mortage payment. Also just this year Habitat developed a new program called Youth United. This program gives youth the chance to be able to help Habitat able to build houses. There are restrictions due to age, but its an amazing way for youth to become more involved. They have built 600,000 homes that are adequate and stable.