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Warm- Up: Socrative

Click on this link to go to my virtual classroom. The room number is 7733113. Socrative is a great tool for quick response to answers. It's great for getting feedback or giving online quizzes.

Ideas to Streamline Your Work!

Parent Communication is really important, so we are going to make a form to track it. Here's an example of a parent communication form.

  • When you are finished with the form, click the "View live form" button at the top of your window.
  • Click and drag the link at the top of window onto your desktop.
  • Every time you make a parent contact, fill out this form by clicking on the link on your desktop.

Here's an example of a spreadsheet that is automatically generated that you can share with your principal when it's time to turn it in.

A tour of Google Forms
Changing Upload Settings in Google Drive: When you upload a document or presentation to your Google Drive, you can leave it in the format that it's in, or you can convert to a Google format. Leaving it in the original format will not allow you to make changes to it. Converting to Google format allows you to edit it. Either way you can still share instead of sending email attachments. To help you decide each time, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Settings Gear in your Google Drive
  2. Choose Upload Settings.
  3. Make sure there is a check in front of "Confirm Settings Before Upload."

Watch the video here .
Using Fonts Efficiently in Google Docs and Presentations:
  • Shortcuts for commenting on docs: less clicking for comments: ctl-alt-m makes a comment box; ctrl-enter submits the comment (Mac users use command key)
  • Publish to the web: File, Publish, Start
  • Custom bullets: click ON bullets, Format, List Options

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