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How meth affects the brain

The drug stimulates the brain's production and releas of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical the body known to create feelings of pleasure. However, meth abuse can cause damage to the dopamine production process, making it difficult for for addicts to feel pleasure when off the drug.Dopamine is manufactured in nerve cells within a certain area of the brain.

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Effects Of Meth

Meth can be a devastating factor of how you look. If you ccare how you look then the worst thing to try is Meth. Meth is the most commonly used street name for Methamphetamines. The picture below is what Meth can do to the body in just 2.5 years. the following below contains that may not be appropriate for children under 13.

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Typically, meth abusers are too heavily addicted to realize that they need to seek treatment on their own. Many do not enter treatment until the are arrested and ordered to by a judge. It's best to start getting treatment in the early stage of addiction. Help is always available for any one who needs it.

How is Meth induced?


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Meth Lab

This is a video about a person making meth by using common house hold items, however not for the same causes. In this video you will see things people use in cars, computers, and to make fires with.



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