The Crucible

John Proctor

A little about John Proctor

John proctor was known as a non christian man. Therefore leaving it more suspicious of witchcraft happening in his household.When elizabeth proctor got accused for witchcraft it made john look bad and the people of salem started to lose faith in him and his family. When Mary Warren told the court John had told her to lie to the court, everybody was angry and disappointed leading to johns reputation being really bad at that moment to even worse.


In salem, witchcraft is very bad and when people accused elizabeth proctor of witchcraft John Proctor was furious. Abigail williams was the one who set elizabeth up and John knew it was her so he wanted revenge. He told abigail that if his wife was going to jail for witchcraft he was going to kill her that was his way of revenge.

How is john proctors repretation and how does his repretation help him deal with situations

John Proctor's reputation leads to the whole town losing faith like I said in the passage before. People want him to confess and to say he saw the devil, but that comes with a price. The price is signing a document that says he confessed up to him committing witchcraft but his conscience is telling him to not sign. In his mind his conscience is telling him that signing the document is wrong and says take pride in the person that he is by keeping a better reputation and being hanged rather than living and having a horrible reputation.

The Author's Meaning

The author is trying to address the main point of this story by telling the readers through the story itself. The main point is by saying the things you do can lead into something worse and then the plot thickens. One example is John Proctor “seeing” Abigail Williams and we all know how that bad choice made a huge conflict. Abigail was crazy and wanted Elizabeth out of the picture, so Abigail had it in her head that John loved her and that they would be together. The authors point was to explain that people make bad choices that can change your life forever.