Middle East News

The Amazing Silt

Silt: Small particles of rich soil. For centuries the swollen river would carry silt. Silt was left behind and farmers used it to farm with.

The Aquifer

Aquifer: Underground rock layer that water flows through. Aquifers lie beneath the deserts in Libya.

The Leader

Dictatorship: Government under the control of one all-powerful leader. In 1969 Muammer al-Qaddhafi overthrew the King of Libya and he set up a dictatorship.

Oil Money

Libya's oil money was used on what three things?

Libya's oil money was used to Import goods, build schools and hospitals, and maintain a strong military.

Facts about this Thanksgiving Bird

  1. Turkey's climate varies throughout the country.
  2. Many of Turkey's people are farmers.
  3. Turkey is seeking to join the European Union.

The Dam of Aswan

1st Positive- Gives people control over the Nile's floodwaters.

2nd Positive- can store water for months.

1st Negative- Blocks the flow of silt.

2nd Negative- farmers rely on chemical fertilizers to grow there crops.