Entrepreneurship is the New Black

40 hours for 40 years for what?!

The Struggle Has INDEED Been Real...Until Now!

The old Industrial Age "notion" that Hard Work & Long Hours would equal SUCCESS was just that...a "notion!" The Baby Boomer generation have PROVEN that working 40 hours for 40 years and retiring at 40% of your income not only did not help them to attain Wealth but barely allows for a livable wage. How many people in retirement do you know that are BACK to working low paying JOBS in what should be the "Golden Time" of their lives??

Monday @ Sacred Heart Activities Bldg 3451 Rivard Detroit, MI 48207

Join us as we discuss what wealthy people know and smart people are quickly learning in order to be independently successful to their own standard! How you can build a legacy that will help create a lifestyle to enjoy right now as well as create ongoing residual income to leave to your family!

Discover the Power of Connecting by utilizing your Network to increase your Networth

You are never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream

Door Open @ 6:30pm session beings promptly @ 7:00pm.

Partners $10 & Guests are FREE!

Coffee & Tea will be served.

Bring an Open Mind and a Positive Attitude!

You don't want to miss this event!

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