By: Grace Hour: 4th

Basic Information

  • Study how people think and act
  • They hep people adjust to new situations
  • They interview and test people to get new information
  • Work fixed hours
  • Work in offices or hospitals, sometimes schools
  • Typically get paid $67,650 salary
  • Self-employed psychologists determine their own benefits
  • Work closely with clients
  • Might work weekdays or weekends
  • 26% are self-employed

Pros and Cons


  • Study people's minds
  • Can be self-employed
  • Pays a lot

  • Work weekends and evenings
  • Must work closely with clients
  • Are always on call

High School and College

High School Courses

- Advanced Math

- Advanced science

- Advanced English

- Advanced Social Studies

- Anatomy and Physiology

- Chemistry

- Foreign Language

- Statistics and Probability

College Degrees

- Masters

- Doctorate

- License from the State

Colleges and Universities

Lawrence university

711 East Boldt Way
Appleton, WI 54911

Pros and Cons

  • Variety of athletic programs, including tennis
  • 60% of applicants get accepted into this school
  • Many classes for psychologist training

  • Tuition is $43,440
  • Private college
  • Offers bachelors degrees

Minnesota State University-Mankota

122 Taylor Center
Mankato, MN 56001

Pros and Cons

  • Public University
  • Variety of athletics
  • Out of state tuition is $15,581

  • Only 20% of students complete their bachelors degree in 4 or less years
  • Books cost $500-$900
  • Located in small-rural area

California State University, Fresno

Pros and Cons

  • Public University
  • Urban location
  • Variety of athletics

  • Cost of books: $1,762
  • Room and Board: $10,604
  • Percentage of students in top 50% of their high school class: 100%


American Psychological Association

NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242

Telephone: (800) 374-2721; (202) 336-5500

National Association of School Psychologists

ENational Association of School Psychologists

4340 East West Highway
Suite 402

Bethesda, MD 20814ast West

Main: 301-657-0270 or 866-331-6277 (toll free)

:, http://www.nasponline.orSuite 402, Bethesda, MD 2081 East West Highway, Suite 402,


You want to know about the human mind and how it works? Why people react the way they do? Psychology is the study of minds. And psychologists, study the mind. Being a psychologist is great choice for a career. You can study how people, feel, act, and think to different situations. Psychologists can also help people with there problems. It's also a really big money maker. The average psychologist makes $67650 a year. In order to be a psychologist you must have a masters degree in psychology, and in most situations a doctorate. Wondering where you would work? You can work in you own office at fixed hours for studying, or treating people. If you are interested in this for a career please contact the American psychological association or national association of school psychologists.