The Sea of Monsters

By: Rick Riordan Presented By: Daniel Buckelew


The following content is rated S for Spoilers.


The story starts in Percy's new school in Manhattan, New York. There he meets Tyson, a large kid with sensitive feeling. During a dodge-ball game with the school bully, monsters pretending to be students attack Percy. After Tyson saving his life they find Annabeth, who tells Percy Tyson is a Cyclops.

Rising Action

Percy and company are driven to Camp Half-Blood by three ladies with only one for all of them. In conversion the ladies mention a string of numbers. When they reach Camp Half-Blood, they find it is under attack. After fending off all the monsters, they are told Thalia's tree was poisoned, Chiron was blamed for it, and Tyson was claimed by Poseidon.
Tantalus becomes the new activities director at camp and Percy has a nightmare. An empathy link set up by Grover, shows he is in danger. Tantalus is told and sends Clarisse on a quest instead of Percy. But Percy goes anyway, not without help from Hermes.
Annabeth and Percy end up meeting Clarisse with warriors from Ares on a boat. The boat explodes Tyson lost in wreckage, then Annabeth and Percy encounter Circe Percy almost being a guinea pig forever.


At last the Sea of Monsters is found and so is Tyson. They battle Polyphemus and get the Golden Fleece.

Th End

They catch Luke and get back to camp. They save the tree, but then Thalia is brought out of the tree, giving Kronos an extra chance at the prophecy.