The boer war

By William Crump

How did the boer war start

In south africa boers were trying to gain independence from britan to become a free state. The boers were also equipped with modern rifles, machine guns, and artillery. Piece began to cripple as the boers tried to force britan out of the territory. The Boers eventually gave them an ultimatum to leave in 48 hours or the boers allied with the orange free state would declare war on britan. Outrage and laughter exploded out of london after the deadline came and thought of the ultimatum as a farce. However for the government and military they looked at it as an embarrassment because britain did not want to put in a large army because the home army was not welcome. Lord Salisbury, the prime minister of england even had to explain to Queen Victoria that "We have no army capable of meeting a second-class Continental power". Up above on the picture is boers fighting behind cover with gorilla tactics.

Public reactons

The boer war was calm for the public up until the end of the war. what britan was doing to weaken the country was to put all of the civilians in concentration camps similar to those of WW2. Emily hobhouse from britan visited the concentration camps to get a sense of how bad the situation was and the situation was terrible. people were being starved and mistreated by the british to break the will of the army. Emily campaigned back in britan to improve the concentration camps however the government looked at her as a boer sympathizers and a trouble maker torwards the government. Emily's plan was to build a strong public opinion and then would force the government to improve the concentration camps. Her work eventually lead to the Fawcett committee which improved the lives of the people in the concentration camps and brought the death rate down.


How did the boer war end

during the end of the war the british started to use scorched earth tactics which means anything that is useful to the enemy must be destroyed. however what really ended the war is what consequences there would be at the end like dealing with the zulu tribe in south africa. An unwritten agreement was put in in 1902 that it would always be a "white man's war". The treaty of Vereeniging was signed on may 31st 1902 officially ending the war. even though the british still won the boars were still given £3,000,000 for reconstruction and were eventually given self government. south africa then eventually became a dominion of england in 1910. In the picture is the peace conference in 1902.

My reacton

My reaction to this war would be about the brutality torwards the people. The british in that war seemed like the natzis because of the concentraton camps. I also think that the british would go to great lengths like that to keep some colonies. I also thought about this compared to he japanese internment camps during WWII and how this could be comparable and how they were different. I did also find the weapons from this war very interesting because I new absolutely nothing of weapons of this war and i really enjoy learning weapons.

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