Monday Memo

Term 3 Week 4 starting Monday 5 August


Sometimes I just don't know how to express my appreciation enough to all of you for everything you do. Last week's Grandparents Day events were very special. So many smiling faces and happy memories created. So to Helen, Clara, Brei, Graeme, Linda C, Robyn O, Robyn C, Diana, Janelle, Pauline, Linda D, Anthony, Lauren, Jan, Vicki, Carole, Dee, Jenny, Linda R, Lindsay, Julie, James, Bonnie, Judy, Sandy, Cheryl, Donna and Cathy L, on behalf of all the students and their families , THANK YOU. You did good!

Im sure you are all looking forward to some calmer times ahead. I'm looking forward to being at school every day for the rest of this term!

Wins from last week

  • Congratulations to Cathy Llewellyn who received a nomination for the NEiTA awards late last week. Very well deserved. That now makes 4 staff members who have received nominations. Amazing, it's nice to know that people appreciate the work that we all do as educators.
  • Grandparents day: enough said!
  • Linda Ryan leaves today for overseas. That's a big win for her!
  • Saying sorry: it's great to hear our kids saying sorry and naming what they are sorry for.
  • Woolies BBQ: well done Carole and her KB parents. Carole managed to fill the BBQ roster early in the week, no drama. Thanks!

This week:

Monday 5 August:

Exec mtg 3:30

Wednesday 7 August:

Oztag clinics

Thursday 8 August:

Oztag clinic


Linda Constable will be away till at least next Wednesday. We will therefore delay the English syllabus t and d and pick it up again on the afternoon of Tuesday 13 August.

Lindsay is expected to return to work tomorrow. Thanks to Julie and Bonnie for filling in.