Herndon Happenings

April 7, 2021


This newsletter will be used to give additional information and resources to parents, students, and families of Herndon Magnet School. It will allow us to share more information with everyone than can be contained in the weekly JCall from Mr. Thomas and be easy to reference throughout the week or whenever you have questions.

Please help share this information with parents of Herndon students so we are getting the word out to all of our families.

2021-2022 Registration and Contract Signing

  • Registration and Contract Signing for current students will be done virtually via the Google Form found here and must be completed BEFORE 8 AM on Monday, April 12, 2021.
  • ALL parents of students in Kindergarten through seventh grades that plan to return to Herndon next year must complete the form (one form per student).
  • You will know you completed the entire form when you get the message "Your response has been recorded." as pictured below.
  • As a reminder, the contract is pending final determination that contract renewal requirements (for grades, academics, testing, and attendance) have been maintained through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.
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LEAP Testing

ALL third through eighth grade students (including virtual students) will take the LEAP tests as follows:

Wednesday, April 28 - ELA 1 and Math 1

Thursday, April 29 - ELA 2 and Math 2

Friday, April 30 - ELA 3 and Math 3

Monday, May 3 - SCI 1, SCI 2, and SCI 3

Tuesday, May 4 - SS 1, SS 2, and SS 3 (third session for 5th - 8th grades only)

Wednesday, May 5 - Friday, May 7 - Make up testing

Testing will begin first thing each morning and last until about noon each day. Please check your schedules and make every effort to have your child at school on time for every day of testing.

Upcoming Events

We are excited that Caddo has given the go ahead to host some of our traditional spring events like field day. There will be some COVID restrictions in place, like remaining in static groups and no parents or outside persons being able to attend. We are looking forward to our students getting to participate in some of our fun, spring and end-of-year traditions that they did not get to do last year. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, 04/06 - Thursday 04/08 - 5th and 6th LEAP Tutoring

Monday, 04/12 - Friday, 04/16 - Highstepper Clinic and Tryouts

Tuesday 04/13 - Thursday 04/15 - 3rd and 4th LEAP Tutoring

Monday, 04/19 - Friday 04/23 - Student Council Week

Monday, 04/19 - Friday, 04/23 - MS Cheerleader Clinic and Tryouts

Tuesday, 04/20 - Thursday, 04/22 - Additional LEAP Tutoring

Wednesday, 04/28 - Tuesday, 05/04 - LEAP Testing for 3rd - 8th Grades

Wednesday, 04/28 - Progress Reports Printed

Thursday, 04/29 - Progress Reports Available to Parents

Wednesday, 05/05 - DARE Graduation

Monday, 05/10 - Thursday, 05/13 - 2nd Grade Swim for Life

Monday, 05/10 - Friday, 05/14 - Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Wednesday, 05/19 - Kindergarten - 2nd grades Field Day

Thursday, 05/20 - 3rd - 5th grades Field Day

Friday, 05/21 - 6th - 8th grades Almost Anything Goes Day

Wednesday, 05/26 - Kindergarten Commencement

Thursday, 05/27 - 8th Grade Commencement, Crawfish Boil, & Games

Friday, 05/28 - EOY Slide Show and Pep-Rally

Friday, 05/28 - Last day of School for Students and Teachers

Girls' Soccer Schedule

Thursday, 04/08 @ North Caddo vs. Benton

Monday, 04/12 @ Bossier High vs. Rusheon

Thursday, 04/15 @ Calvary vs. Calvary

Virtual and Quarantine Class Schedule, Attendance, and Participation

Friday was the last day of the first half of the school year. It seems we have the routine of school figured out, whether in person, virtual, or quarantine. The issues we had at the beginning of the year with Classlink and Canvas logins, grades in Canvas versus JCampus, using Kami to submit assignments, attending Zoom classes, and just learning how to navigate through this new way of doing school have been resolved. As we begin the third nine weeks, we want to remind students and parents of the following expectations:

  • The school day begins at 8 AM and ends at 3:25 PM. (At home students are expected to follow their schedule and complete their work during this time. There may be additional work assigned as "homework" that traditionally is done at home after school.)
  • ALL students attend class according to their class schedule - whether on campus, virtual, or in quarantine. (Middle school students, if you are in third period band, you should be attending Mrs. Jones' Zoom lesson from 9:35 to 10:19. If she doesn't have a live Zoom lesson, you should be working on the written lesson in Canvas from 9:35 to 10:19.)
  • When an assignment is due at the end of the period, it must be submitted at the end of the period whether a student is on campus, virtual, or in quarantine. (Students at home do not have the option to wait and do the assignment later. If a student does this, it is considered late work and does not have to be accepted by the teacher or may have the grade docked for being late.)
  • Tests are taken at the date and time assigned by the teacher and are submitted at the end of the allotted time for testing. (If a math test is scheduled for Tuesday and you are in 3rd/4th period math, you must get on your math Zoom at 9:35 and take your test while the teacher can monitor you on Zoom. When the teacher collects the test or ends the test in the classroom, students at home must submit their test at that time. You cannot wait until later in the evening to submit the test.)

We know there will be instances when there are internet or electricity issues, personal illness, etc... But those cases will be handled on an individual basis by each teacher.

Quarantine Students Attendance

In order to ensure accurate record keeping and that a student in quarantine does not attend school, all quarantine students will be marked absent by their homeroom teacher. Mrs. Sparaco will code the absences as medical quarantine in JCampus. She is working to get this done before 9 AM when the absentee JCall is made; however, things are often hectic in the mornings and she may not get it completed in time to prevent the phone call from going out. Please know that we are working diligently to ensure accurate record keeping and reporting in regards to students who test positive or who have been exposed as determined by our contact tracing protocols.

Virtual Students Attendance

Virtual students (not quarantine students) must log into Canvas daily, click on the virtual attendance course in their dashboard, answer the question, "are you here," and hit submit. This is the official record of attendance for virtual students and must be completed each day.


JCampus is the only location to check and monitor student grades. Grades in Canvas are not applicable and no longer viewable by students or parents. Parents have access to student grades via the Parent Portal.

Progress Reports are now available in Student Progress Portal. If you have trouble creating or resetting your account, please call 221-7676 and Mrs. Sparaco can help you.

Jean/Spirit Day vs. Free Dress Day

Students must wear their uniform unless a jean or free dress day is announced.

  • Jean/Spirit Fridays mean students can wear denim pants, shorts, or skirts (no more than 4" above the knee) without holes showing skin, windsuit pants with pockets, or athletic shorts with pockets with a uniform or Herndon shirt.
  • Free dress days are ONLY on the last school day before a school holiday. Last year we had free dress every Friday as a reward for the previous year's test scores.