The Shadow Children Rally

We don't have to be fakes to be seen. We deserve to be seen!

Free The Shadow Kids

The rally is to help us shadow kid be free to be seen no more hiding. We are going to march on the presidents yard and protest.We have to stand up to the government or we will be hiding all are lives.So we have to stand up if we want to be free.

More about me

Jennifer Rose Talbot

my name is Jennifer Rose Talbot but i like to be call jen. I don't even look like a Jennifer. Then name Jennifer is for a really girly and prissy person. Ok now more about me, I have two brothers and a stepdad. My mom loves to shop so she brings me shopping to I hate shopping but i have to go. That's a little bit about myself. I hope you come to my rally to free the shadow kids

free the shadow kids

come join me in the rally to be free. Us shadow kids should have the right to be free.