What causes Downsydrome

Downsyndrome occurs when there is a full or partial extra copy of the 21 chromosomes.

How does Downsyndrome affects somebody's body and mind

Downsyndrome has delayed development which is learning disability, short stature, difficulty thinking, understanding, and speech delay.
Also common
- Eyes: Lazy eye or spots
- Difficult thinking and understanding
- Bent little finger
- Flaccid muscles

Can Downsyndrome be cured or is their any treatmants

Downsyndrome cant be cured and there is no treatments. But you can call for a care team so that they can help him.

How we can Help kids with Downsyndrome

You can help kids with downsyndrome by calling a health team or call people that have a downsyndrome kid. You can teach them how to walk and help them speak.

What the doctors did to try to cure kids with Downsyndrome

Doctors have been testing out medication to see if it will be cured but they still haven't found a cure. But the doctors are still trying right now to cure these syndromes

Interesting thing about Downsyndrome

Kids with Downsyndrome its hard for them to pay attention but their is kids that graduate that is a miracle.