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Chemical Reactions

What is a Chemical Reaction?

A process in which atoms of the same or different elements rearrange themselves to form a new substance. While they do so, they either absorb heat or give it off.

Alejandro Hernandez

Chapter 7 Project

Chemical Reactions Poster
Mixing hydrogen peroxide and bleach to make oxygen

Mixing Hydrogen Peroxide with Chlorine

It creates a gas that is able to fill up the balloon.

Single Replacement H2O2 + 2Cl --> 2ClO + H2

HCL + Aluminum foil = Fun

Adding Hydrogen Chloride to Aluminum

It creates an explosion.

Single Replacement 2HCl + 2Al --> 2AlCl + H2

Chemical Reactions

Adding Copper to Silver Nitrate

The liquid turns into a blue substance.

Single Replacement Cu + AgNO3 --> Ag + CuNO3