My Thoughts on Assessments

“Assessment is not about you as a teacher; it is about your students”

After reading this chapter I completely agree with this quote. I believe that assessments help us as teachers know what the students have learned and have not learned, but most importantly is shows the students this as well. The students need to know what they themselves need to work on. I know I appreciate assessments and feedback both positive and negative. I like knowing what I need to work on and what I am pretty good at already. Students in every grade need that pat on the back when they have succeeded at something as well as have it brought to their attention if they need to focus somewhere in particular.

The 4 Questions

Answering these questions really made me realize something. I am totally unhappy with the assessments I am giving now. I feel so burnt out on them that I now know that I need to change things up. These questions will keep me focused on making things new and exciting for the students and myself and to never forget why I am doing this.

FAILED in Having Partners

I have failed in having my students be partners in making assessments. I feel that I have been on cruise control and handing my students what has been handed to me. Nothing is personalized at this point and I am sure it seems like I do not care about my students. I need to work harder on this and now I know.