Nail Nation

Grand Opening! May 10th, 2015

Come and visit Nail Nation!

Here in Grand Rapids, MI, we offer a bunch of nail products. Our products are all name brand and have an affordable price. If you come visit us you will not regret it. Our Grand Opening is May 10th, 2015! PLEASE COME! Doors open at 8AM!

Location- 4665 Patterson Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone Number- 616-992-4982

Hours- Monday- Friday: 8AM-5:30PM Saturday: 12PM-4PM Sunday: Closed

Owner- Lauren Hecht

Latest and Greatest Nail Products!

Big Sales

We are open 6/7 days of the week and we have a lovely staff to help you find exactly what you need! As well as if you make one purchase you get our rewards card and on your 10th purchase, you get a 50% off your nail purchase!!!!!

You can find us anywhere!

Listen for us on the radio on channel 965, we talk about sales that are going on and special interviews from our customers. We are also on a T.V. commercial that broadcasts our spa and store along with all we have to offer. Please take the time to check these awesome advertisements out.


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