The Taming of the Shrew

By: Lizbeth, Leslie, Gerick, Tim, Juan, Ariana

What was the play about?

The Taming of The Shrew is about two daughter of Baptista Minolo, Katherine and Bianca. Bianca being the more charming of the two wants to be married, but katherine being the "shrew" she cannot be get married. So Baptista tell all the men that Bianca cannot marry until Katherine does. A man named Petruchio married Katherine but she would always argue with him so what he did was he didnt give her food and didnt let her sleep until she changed. Soon after she changed her attitude and she said that husbands arento be treated like kings.

How did shakespeare develop the characters?

Shakespeare did a brilliant developing the characters throughout the play. An example would be Katherine(or Kate). In the beginning of the play she was a "shrew." Back when Shakespeare wrote this women that say whatever they think and express whatever they feel were called shrews. Everyone disapproved of her. Until someone named Petruchio marries her. By the end of the play Kate is an obedient and pleasant wife.

Who acted in the play when it was first written?

We don't know for sure who acted in the play when it was first written but we do know who acted in the movie. If you don't know in the 1967 they filmed a movie for the taming of the shrew. Some of the actors are Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Michael Hordern, and Cyril Cusack

What was the theme in the taming of the shrew?

The theme of the play "the taming of the shrew," is romantic relationships between men and women.

What made the play funny?

The Taming of the Shrew is most definitely a "Comedy"- a universal list that has alittle basic rules and running principles; a light and playful tone; smart language and amusing gossip; lying, disguises, and casesof inaccurate identity; youth love that must overcome some kind of effort; family drama; many twists and turns; and various plots that come together in the end- which always connects to the reunification of the family and/or a marraige.

Quote translation

"She move me not, or not removes at least affections edge in."

She loves me not, but my affections are still on.

"We will have rings and things and fine array."

We will be rich and buy rings and fine items.

"Tis hatched and shall be so."

This is the way it shall be then.

"Third, or fourth, or fifth borough, I'll answer him

by law: I'll not budge an inch, boy: let him come,

and kindly."

Sly's Translation: I will answer the boy 3, 4, or even 5 times and I'll lay down the law but I will not hurt the boy, but instead let him be kind.

"Thou art a fool: if Echo were as fleet,

I would esteem him worth a dozen such.

But sup them well and look unto them all:

To-morrow I intend to hunt again."

Lord's Translation: You're a fool. If Echo was not then I would reward him with many,but now looking at him now makes me regret what I've done.

Tranio's Translation: Master has a way to welcome us in town.

"Gentlemen, importune me no farther,

For how I firmly am resolved you know;

That is, not bestow my youngest daughter

Before I have a husband for the elder:

If either of you both love Katharina,

Because I know you well and love you well,

Leave shall you have to court her at your pleasure."

Baptista's Translation: Gentlemen, wait no longer as I have a solution: a man can marry my daughter and you can pleasure her anyway you can.

"You will not pay for the glasses you have burst?"

Hostess Translation: You will not pay for what you've done?

Page's Translation: Let me make you stay a night or two, but that's all I can do.


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