Retailing on the Internet

Heather Oquist

Gymboree Outlet

  • Specialty store
  • They sell their products because it is bright and they have good quality products.
  • They can cross sell by talking to customers and find what they didn't like about the product they are buying and then show them a product that fixes that problem and convince them why it is better.
  • They can upsell by showing customers the matching item or what goes along with that product and convince them to buy it.

Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Specialty store
  • They sell well because it is a well known store and they have a wide variety of products
  • They can cross sell by using manikins to put together cute outfits making you want to buy the whole outfit because it looks good together.
  • Abercrombie can upsell by bathing suit deals where you get both pieces of the bathing suit for a discount.
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Ann Taylor Factory Store

  • Specialty store
  • Ann Taylor Factory Store gives a wide variety of clothing options.
  • They can cross sell by having a option on their website saying 'people who bought this also bought'
  • They can upsell by sales people talking to them showing items that would go along with the product they are buying.
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Lady Foot Locker

  • Specialty store
  • They sell well by having their coolest looking products in the window. They also have very open windows so you can see into the store and see what all you can get there.
  • Lady Foot Locker can cross sell by finding what type of shoe is most liked and bringing out a more expensive shoe first that is what the customer is looking for.
  • Lady foot locker can upsell by selling other products along with the shoes adding comfort like insoles and shoe laces.
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Zales The Diamond Store Outlet

  • Specialty store
  • Zales sell product because it is what is wanted by many woman and they often will have gifts being bought. Thy sell with their biggest and sparkliest products in the front.
  • They can cross sell by showing more sparkly products that look prettier and more appealing to the eye.
  • Zales can upsell by giving deals of a matching bracelet for a lesser cost if they buy another jewelry piece.
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