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Guess What? I'm reaching out to some pretty awesome people....and that means YOU!

You're receiving this letter because we made a connection and you expressed an interest in what I'm doing. We're good friends, we've worked together, traveled together, or played together. I've designed jewelry for you, or have guided a Spirit Walk for you. Perhaps we've mutually benefited from a workshop, have sat in sacred circle, or shared a moment in conversation. I want to invite you to create community with me. As you know, community can be fairly diverse and it can get pretty exciting. So I'm creating a way to stay in touch.

  • You'll receive exclusive specials and offers on Asia Raine Jewelry, and other Life Transformation services. I'll be announcing events, offering classes, and creating conversations through interactive articles and blogs with some pretty amazing people like you!

If this sounds like something you'd cross the street for, then let's play! Add your name and email address to the "Follow Asia" box to receive newsletters. And if another note in your inbox is just not your thing, you can always unsubscribe.

  • Custom jewelry ideas? You Bet!
  • Soul-Centered Energy Sessions? Of Course!
  • Conversations that Connect and Transform? Yes WE Can!

Go all in and follow now! I'm energized by the idea of creating connections!

I look forward to branching out with you!



February Sneak Peek

*Jewelry offer. A special Love Trinket can be yours for $45.

A hand-cut copper heart melts into a sterling silver pendant creating a sweet show of love. Share with someone dear or give one to yourself!

*Energy Fun. What's in the cards for you? Relationship, Love, Life. Look for a special offer on energy and card readings. Skype, phone or in person.