The Gift Of The Magi

SomeThing About The Book

The Book Of The Book Of Magi Is About A Girl Named Della And She Doesnt Have enough Money To Buy Her Husband persent Because Chirtsmas is Tommrow.Della Is also Affaid That She Wont Be Able To Buy Her Husband Persent For Chirstmas.
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The confict could be that she also cut off her hair

and the other conflict is that They both wanted to buy each other something but what the bought for each other they both sold of gave away somthing that they really wanted to

get for each other

Figurative Language:

Simile: " Now dellas beatiful hair fell about her ripping and shinning like a cascade of brown water"

Simile:Then Della Leaped Up Like a Singer Cat

Quotes from The Story :

" Looking Out the window all i see Is a gray cat with a gray fense and a gray backyard"


She only had 1.87 Cents and she didnt know how she was gonna buy her husband a persent for Christmas
The Gift of the Magi