Destany Beckwith


Located in southeastern Europe. Made up of many mountains , small islands , and isolated valleys.


Sparta was a warrior society. By the age of 7 boys were moved into barracks. They were toughened by a coarse diet , hard exercise and rigid discipline. Sparta was a great military state even though the power declined.


In Athens women are inferior. there's education for boys and there's lots of trade with other city-states. There is a limited democracy the laws are made by assemble. Only male citizens are in the assembly.

Alexander The Great

Alexander went on to build an empire that includes the Nile Valley , Persia , and parts of India. Alexander spread Greek culture. A new Hellenistic culture arose.

Greeks Painting

Greek paintings are lifelike. They show the human body in its most perfect form. Greeks had many pottery.

Athens Direct Democracy

In Athens they had a large number of male citizens that actually took part in the day-to-day running's of the government. Women did not participate in the running's Athens was a very direct democracy..