Down Low of Downs

Resources to use with your student outside of class

Applications for the Ipad and Apple computers

Many apps are useful to use for children with Downs. This apps are helpful many learners and make it easy to understand and help students to develop the skills they will need in school.

Link to the App Store

Skyping with the teacher.

Because your child and I spend our days together, and get along if I do say so myself, I am offering you and opportunity to Skype with me. This tool has been successful in the past when it comes to helping students. I understand that it is difficult to get homework done with your child when you are not in class with them. I also know that because you did not go to college to teach, that it is not easy to know what to do when your child is struggling. I personally think that it is always okay to ask for help. I do not think you all are superhuman, nor do I want you to be. Thats why I am here. I am your tool, so use me. (link to get Skype)

If you are still not sold on why this is a good idea, here is an article to explain why this works.

Functions of your home computer

Your computer can do more than you think it can

There are many different functions on computers that not many people know about.

Your computer has a function where it will read what is on the screen. This is very helpful application to use when your child is struggling with reading and if they are learning to read with sight words. It is also helpful if your child has trouble following on a screen, for it will highlight the sentence that is being read.

This is a link on how to do this.

Another thing that your computer can do is make the screen bigger. This can be helpful when you are trying to make the screen easier to read for your child. It can also be helpful when you are trying to eliminate distraction that that on the screen, so that your child can focus.

How to do this on a Microsoft Computer

How to do this on a Apple Computer