Solution to back problems from heavy textbooks

Heavy Textbooks Leading Cause of Teen Back Problems

Over 85% of teens suffer from spine/back problems and deformities, or complain from back problems due to their overweight backpacks. This is caused by multiple heavy set textbooks their course loads expect them to have and carry around. A backpack is supposed to weigh no more than 10-15% of a students body weight. Most High school students backpacks on average weigh up to 25-30% of their body weight. The majority of that weight is heavy set textbooks. Our generation of students and teens has the most seen cases of scoliosis and back problems than that of any generation before us. We need a solution to cease the further deformities and physical pain caused to our backs from these multiple, heavy weight textbooks. We need Online Textbooks.

"We see kids complaining of back problems shoulder problems, we are seeing more Scoliosis in the teen age years," said Dr. Granville Simmons, Pediatrician. Now, medical science has proven what Dr. Simmons has always expected. "Using MRIs they have actually determined that heavy back packs not only cause curvature but they also decrease the space between the discs and its pretty permanent," he said.

Online Textbooks Save The Day!