The Ghost and The Goth

By: Stacy Kade


The book was awesomely awesome. I like the whole book and i wish that I could buy the whole series. I love the whole story and how it went through. I wish I could watch all of the movies too! Please Read This Book! Thank You!

Theme/Conflict (Summary)

The theme is to always help others.


The exposition is the beginning is where the girl Alona Dare dies by a bus trying to call her mom. The Rising Action is where she is a ghost from the undead, and she is trying to get help from this boy named Killian and he is the only one who can see her. The Climax is when the dark thing that Killian thinks is his dead dad attacks Alona Dare and takes her to the light known as heaven. The Falling Action is when Killian sees this dead little girl in a wheelchair and he asks her to help him out of the bed where he is strapped. The Resolution is where Alona comes back and stays with Killian and they kiss at the end.


The setting is at Alona Dare's school they don't say the name.

Major Characters:
  • Alona Dare (The Ghost): High School senior, captain of the cheer-leading squad, and Homecoming Queen three years in a row. After dying Alona is having a difficult time adjusting to her new ghost life and she finds out what people really think about her.
  • Will Killian (The Goth): High School senior, outcast, and troublemaker. He is able to see ghosts and is the only person who can help Alona cross over to the light.
  • Joonie: Will's best friend
  • Lily: Will and Joonie's friend that gets into a coma after a car accident.
  • Julia Killian: Will's mom
  • Dr. Miller: Will's psychologist