Black Market injections

at dumping prices

Today Brown operates a website, she describes her experiences on the - and it tries to convince women that they are beautiful as they are. Yet many seem to believe that a greater Po makes a crucial difference.

In April 2007, asked a woman on the if anyone could tell her what was in all this hype about injections for a rounder backside turn. There were more than 14,000 responses. The procedure has become so popular that sometimes can equal several women at a time in a hotel room, the syringes miss - in so-called pumping parties, such as cosmetic surgeon John Martin describes it in Florida.

Some of them had silicone injected into the face, which can cause hard lumps. But that can be easily treated, because the amount injected is small. The material used in Po-magnification, contrast, remove so heavy that some doctors - including Martin - do not even try.

Black Market injections at dumping prices -Tinnitus Miracle Review "When you inject a large amount of silicone, it can shift. Doing that with buttocks, the silicone can run down the leg, and then had to be amputated," warns the surgeon. It adds the risk of blood clots and infections. Doctors have no butt injections, but probably lifts and implants.

According to the American Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, there were more than 3700 such legal procedures last year. An implant costs therefore average 3500 Euros.