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Week of March 1st, 2021

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  • Credit Recovery Opportunity
  • Counselors' Corner - Scheduling, Community Resources
  • Career & College Readiness - SAT & ACT Sign Up, Upward Bound, Tutoring
  • Clubs & Athletics
  • Lincoln Library & Tech Help
  • Family App Registration

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Weekly Student Broadcast

Click here to view this week's student broadcast!

Note: To access the video, you must use your student's Microsoft Office account (, school password)

If you're interested in enrolling in TOL, check out the deadlines below.

Current School Year: deadline to enroll in TOL is 3/15/2021.

Next School Year: deadline to enroll in TOL is 3/31/2021.

Visit the Tacoma Public Schools website for more information.

Note from the Dean

Hi Abes!

In a Lincoln parent/guardian book club this week, we discussed the importance of rest. In order to show up for our families and communities, we need to take care of ourselves, whether that's exercising, meditating, getting our hair done, taking a drive, or intentionally finding quiet time to just be. We are busy, we are tired, we are overextended. We need to give our bodies permission to rest and recuperate. In light of Women's History Month, rest is especially critical for women and a form of resistance. "We must practice rest as our foundation to invent, restore, imagine, and build." - The Nap Ministry

Have a restful week.

Take care of yourself,

Saraswati Hendrix

Credit Recovery Through Edgenuity

We are offering credit recovery through a program called Edgenuity this spring. This is a voluntary program for students who would like to earn credit for a previously failed course. We would like to see if you and your student are interested in earning credit outside of the school day towards graduation requirements. At this time, students can take 1 credit recovery class at a time and we are prioritizing credit recovery for core content classes.

If you are interested in signing your student up for a credit recovery class, please complete an interest form by clicking here. Once you complete the form, a school counselor will contact you with more information, including our credit recovery contract.


UPLOAD YOUR YEARBOOK PICTURE TODAY! - Picture guidelines are attached below. Upload your student portrait by clicking HERE.

Order your Yearbook - There are important deadlines coming up regarding the Lincoln yearbook. Prices for yearbook are currently $45 and can be order online only. Order here!

Senior Graduation Ads: Deadline 3/28 - A Senior Grad Ad consists of a message to a graduating senior and is usually accompanied by recent and/or past photograph(s). Students featured in ads do not see the ads until the yearbook is distributed by the school. Ads can be purchased and created by parents or other family members from All Graduations Ads are subject to review by the yearbook staff.

Yearbook adviser: Reid Callan,

Counselors' Corner

Community Resource Center (CRC) -, 253-571-6780

Fridge empty? Come to the LeMay Museum this Saturday 2/27 at noon for "Feed Tacoma Day"! They'll have meat, veggies, dairy, fruit, canned goods, and PPE...all until supplies last.

As always, the CRC is here to support students and families with what they need to be successful. If you or another student you know has a basic need like internet, stable housing, or food insecurity we are here to help! Please contact us at, or check out our Covid Resource Guide.

Grade Level Schoology Groups

Students: Join your grade level Schoology group to stay on top of important information!

Access code for 9th grade: 87MD-VNN4-5XR5D

Access code for 10th gradee: HFHT-5HXG-F32GS

Access code for 11th grade: 5XRN-TDNP-PDHFZ

Access code for 12th grade: RNJN-MKHZ-XRX5V

Counselor Caseloads

Mr. Bergman (Last Names A-G):; Book an appointment

Mr. Clausen (Last Names H-P):; Book an appointment

Ms. Munday (Last Names Q-Z):; Book an appointment

Career & College Readiness Upcoming Events

Smart Borrowing for College (with UW Tacoma Financial Aid Professionals)

Tuesday, March 2nd


Meeting Link


Lincoln Common Scholarship due 4/1

Lincoln seniors the time has come and the Lincoln Common Scholarship is now available. In the spirit of keeping things normal and on the same page you all will find the scholarship application in Schoology. I have created a special course just for the scholarship you will need to join the course and submit the application within the course. THE DUE DATE IS APRIL 1st at 4:30 PM.

In order to join the course you will log in to Schoology click my Course, Join Course

Type in the course code QZNX-64DB-585CJ then click Join.

More Scholarship Information

For more scholarship information and deadlines, check out the attachment below.

Email Mr. Jones at if you have any scholarship questions or need application support.

ACT Sign Up (11th & 12th Grade)

Senior and Junior scholars – Lincoln High School is hosting the ACT on Saturday April 17th, for students who are interested in College after high school. ACT is a great alternative for students who take the SAT for college admissions. ACT can also be used for alternatives for State Testing for graduation requirements and can be used for Credit Retrieval.

To Register visit Select April 17th for test date, and search Lincoln High School, Tacoma WA to register to test at Lincoln.

For support registering for the ACT, contact Mr. Jamila Jones at:

SAT Sign Up (11th Grade)

The sign up for the 3/3 SAT has closed. If you signed up for the 3/3 test date, check your email for important information!

The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions. Juniors, you still have time to sign up for these SAT dates: 3/24 and 4/27. The deadline to register for each test is 1 week before the test date.

Register by selecting 1 date on this form.

Prepare for the SAT

  • SAT/PSAT Prep through the Tacoma Public Library. To access this resource, you will need to sign in using your TPS student ID number and this TPL password: 1234. If this sign in doesn’t work, here is a link to the form to update your TPL status/access for the school year.
  • Free and official SAT/PSAT Test Prep through Khan Academy is available here.

Achievers Scholars (11th Grade)

The Achievers Scholars program can help you succeed by offering support with:

  • College Planning
  • College Applications
  • Personal Statements
  • Financial Aid Applications
  • Much more!

Apply now! Deadline to apply is March 5th.

Contact Rob Jones for more info.

Upward Bound (9th-12th Grade)

Do you want to go to college immediately after high school? Join the Upward Bound Tacoma program to receive individualized advising, mentoring, and access to opportunities to help you achieve your academic short- and long-term goals. Please contact Martina Santos at if you have any questions about the eligibility requirements or online application. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 12, 2021 and is open to all students grades 9-12.

Virtual Village (9th-12th Grade)

MDC TRiO offers a Virtual Village after school twice a week where students (9-12th grade) can access:

  • Tutoring
  • Homework help
  • SAT or ACT prep
  • Personal statements
  • Resume writing
  • Job or college interviews
  • FAFSA and WASFA completion
To access these services, check out the flyer below!

Math Tutoring After School

Lincoln has two great tutors to help you get that math grade where you want it. Mr. Lenti provides tutoring for advanced math students (Trig, Precalc, Calc, Stats). Mr. Oropeza Salazar tutors Algebra and Geometry. Reach out to your tutor if you need support.

Mr. Lenti

My hours are Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 3:30-5:30pm, and occasionally on Thursdays if Monday or Friday is off. (If needed: First day of the week I tutor an hour in Algebra 2 and an hour in Pre-Calculus, 2nd day is Trig/Stats and Calculus, and the 3rd day is All Math tutoring for 2 hours.)

Students can join the team LHS - Upper Level Math Tutoring by going to the Teams tab on the app, going to "Join or create team", and then typing in the code eppj3fc. (Alternatively, students can join via this link, but may need to request access rather than be automatically added after clicking on it.) All meetings can be joined through the Meetings channel on the team.

Mr. Oropeza Salazar

My hours are Monday, Tues and Thursday from 3-5 p.m.

Complete this form to sign up for after school tutoring in Spanish or in English!

Students can join the Team Meeting at this link.

The Teams code is 4X8AU2R

Young Artists and Authors Showcase (9th-12th Grade)

For decades, Sister Cities International has leveraged the power of art to transform societies and transcend cultural boundaries through the Young Artists and Authors Showcase (YAAS). The showcase has given youth worldwide the opportunity to express their vision for a more unified, peaceful world through original art and literature.

This year, the Tacoma Sister Cities Council will partner with our international organization to sponsor a local Tacoma Young Artists and Authors Showcase 2021. We would like to invite all young people in the City of Tacoma and in all of Tacoma’s fourteen sister cities to participate in this competition. There will be six categories: Art, Written Word – Prose and Poetry, Music – Original and Reinterpreted and Photography. Up to five winning local entries and five international entries in each category will be entered in the Sister Cities International competition. Please see our website for details and entry form. Deadline to enter is March 26th, 2021.

Contact Mr. Sadler if you have questions.

Clubs & Athletics


Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

A message from the club advisers: We are a club that meets Thursdays at 2:30. We welcome students of all gender and sexual orientations. We discuss queer history, current events, and play games. It is a cool fun club and all are welcome.

Interested in joining?

Email Mr. Kelly, Ms. Jansen, Mr. Ruby, or Mrs. Brazley


MindsMatter253 is: A network of partners, families, students, and educators dedicated to supporting the well-being of the Tacoma community. The purpose is to reconnect with the strengths of cultural practices that contribute to positive mindset and growth.

Mindsmatter253’s goal is to create a safe place free of judgement, provide an opportunity for participants to talk to someone about coping mechanisms, and educate each other on social emotional well-being. This is open to all students and their families.

For more information, contact Logic Amen

Lincoln Library

High School Librarian Office Hours

Monday-Friday from 10 AM to 12:00 PM

Find info & links here: 2 or more high school librarians will be in Teams to help with:

  • Schoology
  • Office 365
  • Edgenuity
  • Computer help
  • Digital resources
  • Family support
  • Reading & book recommendations
  • Info questions

Click here for more information on resources: Live Tutoring, Digital Resources, Research Help, and much more!

Interested in joining a reading community?

Click here for our latest newsletter for Project Lit Abes Book Club. Read, discuss, write, meet authors, cook, bake, and serve our community! Sign up to officially join and click here for more information on our book club!

Want more information on book access? Opportunities to check out library books currently

Have a Schoology or Tech need? Get live assistance or see my contact info below:

Mrs. Sierra,

(253) 571-6792

Register for the Family App

Families are required to complete a daily COVID-19 health screening form on in-person learning days. Completing the Family App registration process below allows you to access the daily online COVID-19 health screening form from a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Registration steps:

  • Register here by entering the email your child’s school has on file for you. (Tip: Only use the Chrome web browser on any device; or update to the latest iOS version (14+) on your Apple device.)
  • Once that’s complete, you’ll receive an invitation in your email to complete the process.

How to complete the daily health screening

On your child’s first day in a school building, you can access the COVID-19 screening form from a laptop, tablet or mobile device at You can also watch videos on how to translate the Family App webpage into Spanish. Watch the video in English or watch the video in Spanish.

For more information visit the TPS website or call the HELP desk at 253-571-HELP.

Helpful Information


Transcript Requests

Direct link:


Go to the Lincoln website. Under About, select Transcript Request

To Pay a Fine Online

  1. Go to Tacoma Public Schools Website -
  2. Click on Schools then Lincoln -
  3. Click on Contact then payments -
  4. Follow directions to complete your payment.

Remote Learning Schedule

Monday & Thursday

  • 1st Period: 7:45-8:15 AND 11:05-12:05
  • 2nd Period: 8:20-8:50 AND 12:10-1:10
  • 3rd Period: 8:55-9:25 AND 1:15-2:15

Tuesday & Friday

  • 4th Period: 7:45-8:15 AND 11:05-12:05
  • 5th Period: 8:20-8:50 AND 12:10-1:10
  • 6th Period: 8:55-9:25 AND 1:15-2:15


  • 1st Period: 9:25-10:05
  • 2nd Period: 10:10-10:50
  • 3rd Period: 10:55-11:35
  • 4th Period: 12:10-12:50
  • 5th Period: 12:55-1:35
  • 6th Period: 1:40-2:20
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