22-23 SMHS Cheer Weekly Preview


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Last Month in the Knight's Realm


Thank you SOO MUCH to all who participated and donated to the SMCT!! Our program was able to bring in approximately $21,000 in donations from family/friends/community members!! This is huge for our program!

22-23 First Annual SMHS Cheer Clinic Fundraiser

So much fun!! Brought in approximately $2685!! Thank you to all who helped to make this a successful event!


MONDAY 08/01/2022

  • JV and V Practice 12:30PM-2:00PM

TUESDAY 08/02/2022

  • Freshman Practice ONLY 12:30PM-2:00PM

WEDNESDAY 08/03/2022

  • Freshman Practice ONLY 12:30PM-2:00PM

THURSDAY 8/04/2022

  • JV Practice ONLY 12:30PM-2:00PM

FRIDAY 08/05/2022


SATURDAY 08/06/2022



The month of August is dominated by the zodiac sign, Leo, with the last few days falling under Virgo. People born between July 23 and August 21 are considered Leos, whereas, those whose birthdays fall between August 19 and 23 are said to be born on the Leo-Virgo cusp. People born under these two astrological categories differ from each other to a certain degree. A Leo possesses a positive outlook towards life and is very enthusiastic and is full of life. He/she is proud and determined and is also a great achiever who sets examples for others. Leos are genuine friends and are extremely loyal in their relationships. Leos are born leaders and whether consciously or unconsciously, they like to rule. They are brave and fearless when it comes to confrontation and are natural leaders. They take pride in themselves and possess an extreme sense of supremacy, just like the Lion itself.


Bella P. 08/02

Brie G. 08/03

Brooklyn L. 08/15


Molly M. 08/20

SMHS CHEER SPOTLIGHT: Sofia De La Rosa-Varsity

Sofia is a senior member of the varsity cheer team and this will be her second year in the SMHS cheer program. Here are some interesting things to know about our girl Sofia:

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Sushi

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, reading, baking, and going to the beach.

Favorite sport(s): Cheer, diving, watching baseball and gymnastics.

One person I look up to is my middle school ballroom dance teacher because he could always put a smile on anyone's face and brighten anyone's day. I really admire his ability to help others and put positivity out into the world.

When I grow up I want to be a Biomedical Engineer

Awards/Accolades: 22-23 UCA All American and Silver Honor Roll

Two words that describe you: Kind and Dedicated


Mylie is a freshman member of the junior varsity cheer team and this will be her first year in the SMHS cheer program. Here are some interesting things to know about our girl Mylie:

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite food: Gnocchi

Hobbies: Travel

Favorite sport(s): Cheer

Who is someone you look up to most? I look up to my parents because they inspire me everyday.

When I grow up I would like to be a therapist.

Accolades/Awards: Numerous cheer awards

Two words that describe you: Funny and Adventurous


Madeline is a member of the freshman cheer team and this will be her first year in the SMHS cheer program. Here are some interesting things to know about our girl Madeline:

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Chick-fil-A

Hobbies: Riding dirt bikes

Favorite sport(s): Cheer

Who is someone you look up to most? I look up to my dad

When I grow up I want to be an interior designer or a therapist

Two words that describe you: Active and Hard Working

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Progression Is Not a Straight Line

The importance of attending practice consistently and why it should be a priority.

Life moves quickly. We expect everything to happen within a 30 minute television episode- even better if it’s recorded and we can skip through the commercials! Unfortunately, the same is not true of our physical goals in stunting and tumbling. In this world, things take time.

Grasping and perfecting new skills takes time. Repetition is the key to learning, and that is definitely the case with stunts and tumbling. It’s not enough to simply hit a new skill, get a feel for it and then move on to the next skill. The more time spent at each level and on each individual skill, the more muscle memory the body creates for that skill. Because of this, it is vital that each repetition is done with great technique and focus. The saying “perfect practice makes perfect” is popular for a reason.

How long to spend on each skill varies; it depends on what new techniques are being taught. In general, each skill should be built upon the last one, so that your body is only learning a little at a time. For example, a heel stretch should only be attempted after you have a solid liberty and heel stretch on the ground that shows good flexibility and body control.

Once you hit your new skill, do it again. And again. And- you guessed it- again. Do it until you can hit it 10 out of 10 times on different days. Failure to follow these simple progression steps, or attempting to put them together before each is solid on its own, is a recipe for failure. Failures lead to falls and falls increase your risk of injury.

As you look up the mountain to where your goals lie, be prepared to take a path that goes up, stays flat for a while as you solidify that skill, and then goes up again. If you try to run straight to the top, you’ll find yourself sliding down more than you anticipated. Be smart, take your time, make attendance at practice a priority and cheer safe!


Hey There Knight Cheer Fam!

We are officially back to weekly newsletters and soon we will be BACK 2 SCHOOL!!

Camp was a HUGE success! The coaches and I were extremely proud of all the hard work and enthusiasm! Taking home the top awards and the coveted Top Banana is nothing short of amazing! Football season is just around the corner. During this time we will also begin preparing for competition season. This year we will have a Varsity Competition Team and will invite junior varsity members to fill spots as needed. We will also have alternates in case of injuries etc. We will be holding an informative parent info night to make sure everyone understands the commitment that is required. Coach Heather and I look forward to a successful and fun filled competition season. Parents, PLEASE help me to stress the importance of attending practices as scheduled.

Our fundraising efforts have paid off tremendously! Thank you to all of you who participated! The 22-23 cheer season seems to be progressing well! Looking forward to a fun-filled football season!

Remember to Keep it Classy and GOOOOO KNIGHTS!!