Reformation of the 19th Century

Come see the many ways you can Reform the world around you!!


Join William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglas in

Freeing the slaves of The American States.

"we need immediate Emancipation of the slaves"

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Slavery The Evil of US..

Wednesday, Oct. 30th 1822 at 1:15pm

Washington, DC, United States

join the Abolitionist to put a stop to this unnecessary necessary Evil called Slavery

Womens Reformation of The U.S.

To All upstanding women of America! We are your Voice!

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott

1848 Seneca Falls


aren't you tired of men with their Alcohol!

alcohol is to blame for sickness, Poverty, and Families breakups

Prison Reform

"U.S. gives most extended liberty..... prisons in the u.s. offer the spectacle of the most complete".

Dorothea Dix

The woman who made it possible to receive mental rehabilitation.

She toured the united states visiting prisons of all shapes and sizes.

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Reformed Education of USA

Horace Mann. another Reform Legend that Changed America. Improved Curriculum. made schools available for the public. no attendance was required, though only in Massachuesets and Vermont. Created the first public University: UNC chapel Hill.