Texas Turbines

By: Mia, Brittlee, Kaylen, Delainie


In our experiment we are trying to discover which of are different lengths 15cm,20cm,30cm of the blades will create the most voltage on a turbine.


Our variable is to see how shorter blades or longer blades effect how much voltage is made on the wind turbine.


Spark, Fan, Voltage Meter ,Generator, 6 Sticks, Scissors ,Wires, Hub ,Tower, Speed of Fan , Clock, Tape ,Place, and Stand.

Hypothesis / Inference

We believe that the lengths 15cm ,20cm, and 30cm will create different voltages.

Why do you think this will happen?

We think that 15cm blades will have half the voltage of 30cm because it has a smaller surface.

We think that 20cm blades will be faster then 15cm but smaller then 30cm because of its surface area.

We think that 30cm blades will go the fastest because of its surface area.

Materials List

Stand, Paper, 2 wires, Basket, Tower, 2 scissors, Spark, Test Blades, Generator, Roll of Tape, Tilt Meter, Hub, Ruler, Voltage Senor, 6 sticks, Clock, Fan, and Calculator.


Get supplies - spark, Generator, Stand, Hub, Tower, 6 sticks, Paper, 2 scissors, A roll of tape, Ruler, Clock, Wirers, Tilt Meter, Voltage senor, Fan, Basket, Test Blade, and Calculator.

Procedures Continued

-Measure blades with ruler (15 cm 20 cm 30 cm

-Cut out blades with scissors

-Tape blades to the sticks (10cm , 5cm)

Procedures Continued

-Measure tilt 30

-Connect sticks to hub (30

-Connect hub to generator .

Procedures Contlnued

-Turn on spark

-Turn on fan to3

-Wait and stop at 5,10,15,20 seconds

Procedures Continued

-Record information

-Repeat steps 9-11


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Variable-------5 seconds-------10 seconds---------15 seconds---------20 seconds------Average

30 degree----0.42v.-------------0.51v.-----------------0.47v.-----------------0.54v.-------------0.48v.



shape--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total Average



Variable-------5 seconds--------10 seconds-----15 seconds-----20 seconds---------Average

30cm ----------0.31v.--------------0.37v.-------------0.40v.------------0.41v.-----------------0.37v.



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total Average



Variable---------5 seconds---------10 seconds------15 seconds------20seconds---------Average


almond --------0.69v.---------------0.73v.-------------0.80v.--------------0.78v.----------------0.75v.

shape -----------0.68v.---------------0.77v.-------------0.78v.--------------0.76v.----------------0.74v.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total Average


What We Learnd

Wind is a form of solar energy created by interactions between atmospheric heating irregularities in the earth's surface and the earth's rotation wind is a clean energy source that is endlessly renewable and remarkably reliable. It dose not pollute the air or cause acid rain like fossil fuels. Advances in wind turbine technology and an abundance of regons with power have made wind power the fastest - growing source of energy in the world.


Thank You

Thank you Ms. Kelly

Thank you Miss. Warren

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Thank you Ms. Warren for choosing this project you are the best teacher!!!!