Exploration of Henry Hudson

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Background Information

In the early 1600s, a young man named Henry Hudson was to become one of the most famous explorers in the world. From England, United Kingdom, Hudson spent his career searching for different routes to Asia, but he ended up opening the door to further exploration and settlement of North America.


Hudson made four journeys throughout his career at a time when countries and companies competed with each other to find the best ways to reach trade destinations. In 1607, the Muscovy Company entrusted Hudson to find a northern route the Asia. Hudson and his crew found themselves battling icy conditions and the mission was cut off. Before heading back to England, Hudson and his crew had a chance to explore some islands of Greenland before heading home. However, Hudson had reported numerous whales near Greenland, which opened up new hunting territory.

The following year, Hudson once again set out in search of the fabled Northeast Passage. However, Hudson made it to Novaya Zemlya, in the Arctic Ocean to the north of Russia. But once again the trip was cut short when Hudson was blocked by thick ice and once again returned to England without achieving his goal.

In 1609, Hudson took charge of the Half Moon with the objective of discovering a northern route to Asia. Again ice put an end to his travels, but this time he did not give up. Coming to shore at what is now Nova Scotia, they encountered some of the local Native Americans and were able to trade with them however toward the end of their exploration, Hudson and his crew ended up clashing with the Natives and a crew member was killed. After burying Colman, Hudson and his crew traveled up the river that would soon be named after him, the Hudson River.

Hudson came to his final journey, traveling yet again alongside his son and Robert Juet. After skirting the southern tip of Greenland, they entered what became known as the Hudson Strait and also reached the (eventually named) Hudson Bay. By this time Hudson and his crew became on edge and were forced to spend winter on the ship (icy conditions), making tensions only grow worse. Hudson ended up being caste away and died of exposure in or near the Hudson Bay.

More European and settler explorers followed Hudson's lead, making their way to North America. Although Hudson never accomplished his goal to find the Northeast Passage, Hudson is still recognized as a determined, early explorer.

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Henry Hudson Primary source Entries during Exploration (letter)

Dear my darling Nancy,


Today marked the first week of our journey to find the fabled Northeast Passage, the best route to Asia. I will keep you posted of our months to come.


Still en route after 16 days. We are currently on the coast of what a believe is Greenland and are struggling against the harsh ice conditions in the Atlantic. We have not moved in 4 hours and plan to return home in the next few weeks. Today John and I spotted numerous whales as we explored a few islands in Greenland. Tomorrow we will set sail for home, goodnight my darling wife.


Darling Nancy, we are planning on arriving on the coast of Asia in the next couple of months and i have thought of you everyday.


I suppose this route has turned out to be greatly elusive, as somehow the crew and i have arrived in Novaya Zemlya in what we believe the Arctic Ocean.


I regret to inform you that once again the icy conditions have cut our exploration off short. I cannot describe my many frustrations of coming so close only to fail. However, through all the trouble of these risky explorations, i refuse to settle for less than my goal' discovering the route to Asia. I shall see you soon darling Nancy.


As you know, i have joined the Dutch East India Company as commander to yet again search for the most efficient route to Asia, with a trusty crew. Once again ice has put an end to our explorations, but this time i refuse to seize exploration. The crew and i have traveled West in order to avoid icy conditions. I shall write tomorrow.


We have reached land on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and what we believe is Nova Scotia. I have been able to meet some Natives that inhabit the island and the crew and i have traded.


John died today. We got into a brawl with the natives and Colman was shot in the neck with an arrow. We plan to bury him tomorrow and set for sea.


We have made our way across the Atlantic Ocean and have landed ourselves in a dead end. The crew and I are on edge with one another and plan to head home for yet another fail attempt at searching for the Northeast Passage.


Turns out that we are trapped here due to the icy conditions. I regret to inform you that the crew and I will be spending winter on the ship and tensions will only get worse. Ill write soon.


Hello darling, i am truly sorry for not writing in so long. The past winter spent on the ship was rough with a lack of supplies and an additional lack of energy.


Juet and the crew have caste out John, a few crew members, and myself. I don't think we're going to make it Nancy. You know I'm not one to give up, my darling. Thank you for always encouraging me to be the best man i can be. John and I love you very much. Good bye my darling.


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