Important Info for Welcome Week!

Paris is so cool because she tells you stuff!!

Welcome to Pioneer Hall! Now use the main door!!!

Those of you who moved in today or will be moving in tomorrow, the Emergency Exit doors are only de-alarmed and allowed to be open during move-in ONLY! It is a policy violation if you are caught going in or out of those doors once they are closed and I or the other CAs will have to document you for that (sorry, but it's our job!). To find the main entrance, go to the 2nd floor and go down the staircase labeled 5N.

Welcome Week Check-In must be done TOMORROW (9/1)!

House 2 Meeting

To start off Welcome Week, we will have a REQUIRED house meeting on Wednesday 9/2 at 1:00pm in VINCENT HALL 113! I will come around and knock on doors to lead a group over at around 12:30pm. It is very important that you attend this meeting. I will have to go over the Pioneer Hall Policies (boring, I know) but I think I'm pretty funny, so we will be laughing as much as possible. Welcome Week Awesome-ness will begin immediately afterwards!

If you have a valid reason to not attend the first house meeting, please email me asap.

Connect @10 Events!

Don't want to go to the optional Welcome Week night events? That's okay! Because the CA's have planned fun activities in the hall for every night starting tomorrow! Here is what we have in store for you:

Tuesday 9/1 - S'mores in the Courtyard (Cause CAs are cool and like gooey messes too)

Wednesday 9/2 - Speed-Friending (It's like Speed-dating but without the awkward dinner conversations)

Thursday 9/3 - Game Night (Paris planned this one, so she will be sad if you don't show up)

Friday 9/4 - DIY Night (We supply the glitter, lots and lots of glitter)

Saturday 9/5 - Amazing Race (Think of it like the Hunger Games, but without the political back-story)

Sunday 9/6 - Tastes of the U (Trust me, it won't be gross)

Monday 9/7 - Pillow Pit (It's like a ball pit, but for adults)

All of these events will meet in the North Lounge, right off the lobby!