Main Street Middle School Bulletin

Trojan Tradition: A Community of Pride and Excellence

LCAP Goal 1 - Graduation Rate: College and Career Readiness

Increase graduation rate for all students who are college and career-ready (pathways).

Vocabulary Word of The Day

Monday - February 3 - hydrate

Tuesday - February 4 - lipids

Wednesday - February 5 - organic

Thursday - February 6 - prolific

Friday - February 7 - tariff

LCAP Goal 2 - Proficiency for All

SUSD will provide a high quality and comprehensive instructional program.
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Keegan White, EL TOSA Moving Constructing Meaning Forward & Begins ELPAC Testing

Keegan White, EL TOSA, is leading the charge to guide and coach the cohorts of teachers trained in the implementation of Constructing Meaning for fidelity. Keegan's presentation at the last staff meeting highlighted a schedule that provides collaborating 1:1 with colleagues, observing lessons and providing feedback, and in time to support co-planning and co-teaching. Great work with positive student structured talk to build academic language.

The month of February is also fully booked with administering the English Language Learners Proficiency Exams (ELPAC). The week of February 3rd opens with the oversight of 1:1 testing for levels of proficiency in Speaking. Reading skills will be tested on Tuesday, February 18, Listening begins on Thursday, February 19 and Writing is scheduled for Tuesday, February 24.

Main Street Representation At The Illuminate Conference

Brenda Medina, English teacher, John Rastatter, Math teacher, and Carrie Sebora, Interim Assistant Principal are at the Illuminate Conference in Anaheim, CA to lead and guide the work ahead as Main Street deepens to focus the work on implementing the team teaching-assessing cycle. This professional learning supports the foundation and tight elements of PLC and RtI academic content and skills that includes these five essential actions:

1. Identify essential standards for each grade level and course, unit by unit.

2. Create an essential standards unit plan.

3. Implement the team teaching-assessing cycle.

4. Give common formative assessments for essential standards.

5. Identify students for Tier 2 support by student, by standard, and by learning target.


John Rastatter Recognized By Illuminate At Special Ceremony on January 31, 2010

John is passionate and enjoys the level of collaboration that is associated with data analysis. His skills and abilities are an investment for improving results for students.
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New Signage in the Library

Check out the new signs for genres of books in the library! A special thank you to Annette Aguillar who came in over the summer to identify what was needed and spent many hours working with Follett to identify new reading materials for the students and also organizing all parts of the library. Annette is supporting substitute Cindy Polino to continue the high level of support for teachers and students on a day-to-day basis in the library.

LCAP Goal 3 - Safety

All District departments and school sites will provide a safe and secure environment for all staff and students.

A.S.B. Students Provide A Week of Activities for Kindness Challenge

Toni Siciliano and Students Filled The Week with Kindness Messaging Everywhere

The week began with the Kindness Challenge form with students rushing to find and fill their page with names of people for each category listed. Post-it notes were distributed for students and staff to write down random acts of kindness messages. The post-it notes were compiled in the shape of a heart to show the collective effort of students and staff. Each day during lunch Ms. Siciliano's classroom door was open as students and staff stopped to write a kind message on "Showing Kindness" poster paper. Students began their days with YouTube videos as a part of positive, pro-active kindness themes.
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Special Thank You to Jim Lund & Social Studies Department AND To Toni Siciliano & Lorraine Michelson

Mr. Lund and the Social Studies Team (Kim Amador, Manuel Madrid, Arut Kadyan, and Vanessa Smith) took the time in their classrooms this week to have all students complete a Walkability Checklist Survey. Soledad Unified School District and Monterey County Health Department are joined to provide comprehensive programming, including Safe Routes to School. The students also took a survey home for the parents to complete.

Ms. Siciliano and Ms. Michelson provided students in their classrooms an opportunity to enter a county wide contest that included designing posters to promote Safe Routes to School.

Grateful for the work these teachers led in their classrooms to support these efforts on behalf of the Soledad Community.

LCAP Goal 4 Community and Family Engagement

SUSD will ensure students, staff, parents, and the community are both satisfied and engaged.

6th Grade Parent Informational Night & Pre-Registration Meeting

Packed House As Parents of 6th Graders Provided Information on Pre- Registration

Parents and guardians of the Soledad Elementary Schools packed the school's cafeteria/MPR for a Parent Information Night on Wednesday, January 29. W.E.B. Student Leader and Math Teacher, Mr. Eddie Torres organized the 8th grade student ambassadors to be a part of the evening's program as ushers, greeters, handing out translation headsets, and speaking on a multitude of topics that included transition from elementary to middle school, physical education classes, and the dates when the counselors will be visiting the 6th grade classrooms to pre-register students. The evening's event opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Mariveah Rauco and Wakeen Harrell.

Counselors Danelle Mercer and Mercedes Pinedo along with Coach Lorenzo Dominquez joined Dr. Peterson on presenting information about required and elective courses, honors and academic electives criteria, sport offerings, and the actual pre-registration process. Parents were provided a handout that described the required and elective courses along with the honor courses criteria.

Counselors schedule for 6th grade class visitations follows:

  • Tuesday, February 4 9-11 @ San Vicente
  • Tuesday, February 4 12-3 @ Gabilan
  • Wednesday, February 5 9-11 @ Frank Ledesma
  • Thursday, February 6 9-2 @ Jack Franscioni
  • Friday, February 7 8:30-10 @ Rose Ferrero

A special thank you to the Elementary Principals, secretaries and 6th grade teachers for getting the message out to all of the 6th grade parents and students and also to Counselors Danelle Mercer and Mercedes Pinedo for all of their hard work to organize and prepare for the this very important work with the incoming students and their families.

Main Street Middle School Talent Show

Mrs. Morales Brings Back Main Street Middle School Talent Show

It has been fifteen years since the last Main Street Middle School Talent Show. And talent here at Main Street, oh yes indeed! Balloons and props with the talent of staff and students brought a spectacular show under the direction and coordination of Micaela Morales, English Language Arts Department Chair. Look out American Idol, you will soon see Main Street Middle School students displaying their talent and taking on the rest of the country. Thank you students and your parents and all of the support from Mrs. Morales, stage manager Wakeen Harrell, and behind the scene helpers Victoria Zieber and Reyes Mendoza.
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LCAP Goal 5 High Quality Staff

SUSD will attract, recruit, support and retain a highly effective and diverse workforce.

January Classified Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to Jose Martinez, Campus Security, for your leadership and focus to build positive relationships with students and parents, while being there for staff on a day to day basis to engage for a safe school climate.
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January Certificated Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to Micaela Moralis, English Language Arts and Yearbook teacher, for your leadership and dedication for taking on a multitude of extra projects in addition to the classroom responsibilities. Working collaborating with colleagues to bring back Main Street Talent Show, spending the time to support students on their January deadlines for Yearbook, and setting up a variety of after school 8th grade activities.
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Week of February 3, 2020 @ Main Street Middle School - Home of the Trojans

Monday, February 3

  • SBAC Interim Assessments for Math and ELA to be scheduled during the February window beginning February 3 and ending February 28) - Department Chairs Coordinating with Departments
  • ELPAC Speaking Test 1:1Begins and continues through the week - K. White
  • Grade 7 Group B #1 SST - D. Mercer
  • 3:15-5:15 Mission, Vision Stakeholders reconvene -L. Lara, K. Burns, J. Robles, N. Rodriguez, V. Castro, A.Galvan, E. Garcia, Parents, Students, and Dr. Peterson

Tuesday, February 4

  • 9:00-11:00 6th grade registration at San Vicente - D. Mercer, M. Penoldo, Dr. Peterson
  • 12:00-3:00 6th grade registration at Gabilan - D. Mercer, M. Penoldo, Dr. Peterson
  • 3:00-5:00 District Leadership Team Meeting - Dr. Peterson & C. Sebora
  • 4:00 Boys Basketball at Greenfield - T. Gipson, G. Woodrow and R. Mendoza
  • 5:00-8:00 PIQE A. Aldaco

Wednesday, February 5

  • 9:00-11:00 6th grade registration at Frank Ledesma - D. Mercer, M. Penoldo, Dr. Peterson
  • 2:15-3:25 Professional Learning Community -All Departments
  • 2:30 District Health Meeting M. Guzman
  • 3:00-4:00 Secretary PLC - Mission Hills SHS - V. Castro, L. Peralta
  • 4:00 Basketball game home versus Chualar - C. Sebora, Teachers Adjunct Assignments
  • 6:00-7:00 Parent Workshop #3 - K. White, L. Dominquez, D. Mercer, Dr. Peterson

Thursday, February 6

  • 9:00-2:00 6th grade registration at Jack Franc - D. Mercer, M. Penoldo, Dr. Peterson
  • 3:25-4:25 PBIS staff meeting -All Staff
  • 3:30-5:00 New Teacher Emergency Meeting - Do C& I Building) -F. Villaruel, D. Hill, G. Regalado, R. Ruiz

Friday, February 7

  • Human Trafficking presentation to boys in PE classes
  • 8:30-10:30 6th grade registration at Rose Ferrero - D. Mercer, M. Penoldo
  • 10:00-11:30 7th grade Awards Assembly -Students and Staff
  • 1:30-3:00 8th grade Awards Assembly - Students and Staff
  • 3:10 After School Tutoring -J. Clark, E. Torres

Supervision Duties Week of January 21

Before School

  • Cafeteria - R.Ruiz
  • Courtyard C/Restroom -J. Alcocer
  • Backfield/BB Courts - G. Woodrow
  • Library Hallway - T. Siciliano

After School

  • Courtyard/Corner A J.-Nakamura
  • Courtyard/Bldg C/RR - E. Garcia
  • Parent Drop Off Circle - B. Mendoza
  • Outside Building B, Bus Loading Zone - M. Madrid